Brooks: Fox best coach for having made Broncos, Tebow winners

Tebow just part of why Fox should be Coach of the Year

The NFL’s best coaches are willing to cater their schemes to fit the strengths of their personnel, and Fox has certainly demonstrated adaptability in building the Broncos offense around the talents of Tim Tebow…Part of (Tebow’s) late-game success can be attributed to the Broncos’ increased utilization of an up-tempo approach in those situations. Game circumstances certainly contributed to the increased urgency, but the clever mixing of formations and play calls sets the table for Tebow’s brilliance in the clutch.

Fox has successfully implemented a slow-down strategy that reduces the number of overall possessions in a game. This tactic requires each of the three phases—offense, defense and kicking game—to work in unison to make the game a fourth-quarter affair…Finally, it has been his reliance on his superb kicking game that has helped the Broncos surge to the top of the AFC West. They have consistently won the field position battle with excellent kicks and coverage, and produced enough yards in the return game to tip the scales.

It may often be boring for 55 minutes, but there's no doubt that Foxball has been a winning formula.

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