Brooks: Cruz raises slot WR bar that Welker had set

Wes Welker vs. Victor Cruz: Which slot receiver is tops in NFL?

Welker is a skillful route runner with a knack for getting open against tight coverage. He uses a series of hesitation moves, head fakes and jump cuts to freeze defenders at the tops of routes before bursting out of the break. Welker’s craftiness is unrivaled in the game; few defenders can lock him up in isolated matchups.
Although he is certainly not considered a blazer, Welker is one of the best in the business with the ball in his hands. As a former punt returner, he excels at making defenders miss in space and is rarely taken down by the first defender.

As usual, this is more useful for understanding what makes Denver's new wideout so great, but if you prefer to get all worked up over Brooks saying that Cruz has surpassed Welker as the league's top slot receiver, be our guest.

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