Broncos won’t commit to Von Miller long term

Broncos want to focus only on 2011 with Tebow

“A lot is made of the quarterback position. It’s really hard to sit here and answer. We don’t talk about the middle linebacker or the left corner position,’’ Fox said. “I think, right now, just enjoy the moment. It’s a team game, and we’re doing well as a team. I don’t like speaking too much of the future. I’m happy for each day.’’ When a reporter jokingly retorted with a question about whether star rookie Von Miller had done enough to be the strongside linebacker in 2012, Fox cracked: “Exactly. He’s the strongside linebacker now. We’re in the now.’‘

Of course, this quote from Fox is ridiculous.  The Broncos are committed to Von Miller for 2012, 2013, and beyond; everyone knows it. Saying so, however, would force them to give a concrete answer on the Tebow questions. Or perhaps Fox is being serious and he's of the same opinion as Rod Smith always was: no one is safe, every position is a competition, and the team is always looking to upgrade at every position.

Which then begs the question, if the Broncos believe they can upgrade at quarterback in 2012, why would that be any different than, let's say, cornerback or long snapper?

My good friend Doug Lee takes a lot of grief for supposedly being biased against Tim Tebow, while my other buddy,Ted Bartlett, is lauded weekly for being in support of Tebow.  All I see, though, are two guys who simply disagree on the fundamental issue of the ugrade at the position of quarterback.  One thinks they can upgrade in 2012; the other does not.  If they were having this disagreement about Andre' Goodman, no one would care much, if at all.

John "Sam Elliott" Fox is correct--a lot is made of the quarterback position.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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