Broncos stockpiling veterans; Keith Brooking coming to Denver

Broncos sign five-time Pro Bowl veteran LB Keith Brooking

The Broncos took another plunge into the free agent-market Monday, signing veteran linebacker Keith Brooking…Brooking started three games for the Cowboys last season after a 97-tackle season in 2010 and a 106-tackle season in 2009.

It was only a few minutes ago (okay an hour, but minutes seems more dramatic) that we surmised the Broncos weren't set at linebacker.

Does Brooking still have any gas in the tank? The Broncos aim to find out.  It would appear his days as a starter are over, however.  

We can be sure of one thing.  The Broncos haven't had a middle linebacker who gets as fired up as Brooking since Al Wilson.  Check out this pregame Hulk Hogan.  And for good measure, here's another.   Finally, here's the original, reminding you little Bronco maniacs to take your vitamins, say your prayers, and drink your protein shakes.

(H/t: Steve Williams)

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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