Broncos fans are fonder of Raiders fans than they’d like to admit

Facebook Data Provides The Most Accurate NFL Fandom Map Ever Created

One final chart, extracted from the data. If you’re a fan of one team, who are your friends most likely to be fans of? Here are the top five most common allegiances for Facebook friends of fans of each team. Once again, geography rules—except for the large numbers of Cowboys, Steelers, and Patriots fans on everybody’s list. I’d say that’s accurate—nearly all of us know fans of those three teams.

These are some pretty neat graphics, except for the part where Broncos fans apparently have something of an unrequited fondness for Raiders fans.

According to Facebook's data, Broncos fans count a larger percentage of Raiders fans as their friends, than Oakland followers do in return.

What's up with that, Broncos Land?

Of your friends who aren't Broncos fans, which teams do they most root for?

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