Broncos aren’t only team facing friendlier schedule

Schedule-makers strive for fairness

For years, teams complained about three-game road trips. In 2010, five teams played three-game road trips. In 2011, the number went to seven. Last year, only the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans had three consecutive games on the road. This year, it’s only the Titans and Eagles.

...By putting a penalty into the program for such result, any team playing away for Monday night doesn’t have to worry about going on the road the next week.

Denver was one of those 2010 teams that endured a three-game road trip, and that did not turn out so well.

As we noted last week, the Broncos were treated kindly by the schedule makers, as they'll get an extra three days to prep for the Giants in Week 2, have the benefit of a bye prior to their stretch of three road games in four weeks, and receive the benefit of staying home for both ends of their Sunday/Thursday short week.

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