Broncos 2nd in PED bans since 2010, but does it really mean anything?

Seahawks' lead in PED bans under Carroll

Seven other teams have incurred three or four substance-abuse suspensions for PEDs over that span, including the Denver Broncos and New York Giants with four apiece, according to STATS PASS. The San Francisco 49ers are among 10 teams with zero…

...NFL policy requires annual testing for steroids and related substances when training camps begin or whenever a player reports to the team after camps begin. Preseason and regular-season protocol calls for 10 players per team to be tested at random each week. That protocol continues into the postseason for playoff teams. Players under contract can be tested up to six times during an offseason, subject to increases following a positive test.

This is one of those statistics that means very little, since four bans is hardly different than three bans, which would have put the Broncos in a tie with five other teams and behind the Giants; further, what this statistic doesn't get at is the number of guys using PEDs who simply haven't been caught, which is probably huge, at least according to former players.  Does this stat mean the Broncos are just worse at masking their PED use?

Maybe Greek just needs to do a better job of masking the bottle colors of urine samples.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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