Brandt: Broncos took informed risk by releasing Orton

Broncos Bet with House Money

Based on the events of last weekend, the Denver Broncos made a $2.6 million bet Tuesday with house money…The Broncos saw injuries Sunday to Matt Cassel, Matt Schaub and, most importantly, Jay Cutler. These events—along with a nudge from Orton’s agent David Dunn—gave them confidence they could save $2.6 million for a player that was not going to play for them again this season.

So, let's say that Orton does in fact end up on KC or Chicago. That would be about $2.6M saved versus whatever likelihood Orton adds to his new team beating the Broncos. Some might say he's not adding much, and even if he were, isn't that worth $2.6M saved? I'd say yes...being 5-5 and a game out of first place doesn't alter the fact that the Broncos are in the second year of a rebuild.

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