Bowlen on Tebow: Keep him

Tim Tebow's magic doesn't make sense

As Elway all but sprinted through the winning locker room, his chest bursting through his suit jacket, he said, “Just give him a chance to win the game.” Asked what it was like to watch Tebow perform an endgame act he himself had mastered, Elway said, “It was great. Awesome.”

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was heading for a different exit door when he stopped long enough to declare that Tebow would be his man for many moons to come.

“He’s a quarterback, and believe me he’s going to learn,” Bowlen said. “I believe he’ll be a great one. Better keep him around.”

I have to admit that this quote stood out among all the coachspeak last night.

He may not have control of all his mental faculties all the time, but Bowlen has never NOT said something he didn't mean.

Don't you love it when I blow your mind with double negatives?  It's like a Tebow comeback.  Deal with it.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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