Benoit: Look for Peyton to pick on Claiborne

Sunday Slate: Analyzing the Week 5 Matchups

But does Kiffin have faith that his corners can match up to Denver’s wideouts? Orlando Scandrick might be quick and physical enough to spar with Wes Welker. Brandon Carr has the size and innate sense of timing to challenge Demaryius Thomas or Eric Decker outside. But what about Morris Claiborne on the other side? The 2012 first-rounder has battled various injuries this season, showing none of the fluidity needed for one-on-one press coverage. Whoever Claiborne defends will be Manning’s go-to target.

Claiborne has been demoted in a sense, and for good reason - in 210 snaps, he's graded out at -6.8 according to PFF, with 16 completions allowed on 24 targets, for a whopping 286 yards and QB rating against of 107.3. While he's allowed no touchdowns, he has zero interceptions and only one pass defensed.

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