Benoit: Expect to see Ihenacho down in the box tonight

Constrasting Styles

They also seem to have a star in the making: second-year strong safety Duke Ihenacho, an undrafted player who is a fierce downhill attacker with the kind of speed that makes him a rangy playmaker in all directions.

Given that Denver’s secondary has been stifling in man coverage even without Champ Bailey, and given that none of Oakland’s receiving weapons are capable of consistently shaking man coverage, expect to see Ihenacho in the box most of this game, eyeing Pryor and helping seal gaps against the explosive but laterally stiff McFadden.

Ihenacho's rise has been meteoric; will tonight bring another coming out party for the former SJSU Spartan?

It may be an unreasonably high bar to set, but an Atwater/Okoye-like moment would sure be nice, especially since McFadden is talking about "shocking the world" tonight.

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