Bedard: Peyton Manning looked injured since October

The Sun Hasn’t Set on Peyton Manning

I think it’s absurd to believe that Manning aged, suddenly, in the middle of the season and the game has passed him by. To me, the more logical explanation for the sharp contrast between his play before and after Oct. 23 is that Manning played through the second half of the season with serious leg problems he couldn’t shake. And the way Manning throws the ball, he just can’t function very well without his legs.

Often during our in-game chats this season, I would comment to TJ and Doc that, when Peyton Manning's footwork wasn't perfect, he no longer had much of a chance of completing passes. This was a new problem.

We're going to hear/read a lot about Peyton's desire and drive this offseason, but the real issue is whether these are injuries from which he cannot recover.

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