Bedard: Crucial pick wasn’t Romo’s fault

Week 5: Decisive Moments

The push by Robinson caused Romo to step on Smith’s foot as he threw, which took some zip off the ball—let alone the fact that Wolfe was allowed to get right in Romo’s face. Allowing that kind of pressure against three rushers is inexcusable by the offensive line.

As for Escobar, he got out of his break at the 21-yard line yet wound up at the 25. By not sharply cutting parallel to the line of scrimmage, he allowed linebacker Danny Trevathan to undercut the route and intercept the pass—a mistake the rookie acknowledged after the game.

The chuckleheads on TV say Denver beat Dallas because of Tony Romo's mistake. But how perfectly is a guy expected to play; is 506 yards and five touchdowns not enough for the blame to lie elsewhere? Mind you, Peyton Manning threw a huge pick at the end of the third quarter, one which Romo turned into a touchdown five plays later.

Here's an idea: instead of focusing on Romo and saying the game turned on his mistake, why don't we credit Trevathan (as Andy Benoit does here) for making a freakishly athletic play for the interception?

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