Banks: Broncos make sense as mystery RG3 team

Don't try to read the future in unpredictable NFL; more Snaps

To repeat, I think Philadelphia and Denver make the most sense as a mystery team in the RGIII sweepstakes, because the Eagles can get out of their Michael Vick contract after 2012, and John Elway is said to be impressed with Griffin and his pass-first, run-later skill set. The No. 15 Eagles and No. 25 Broncos could be motivated enough to join the likely suitors of No. 4 Cleveland, No. 6 Washington and No. 8 Miami.

Peter King had written in his latest MMQB that he thinks Denver picks a quarterback in the first two rounds, and he mentioned in the current SI that the Rams already had several feelers—including one from a team "you would never expect". That last part apparently prompted something of a Twitter kerfuffle.

As noted in today's Lard, Rams GM Les Snead echoed King's MMQB point by stating that some of the teams expressing interest in the #2 pick are not so obvious.

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