Avril’s deal even smaller than reported; Dumervil’s leverage shrinks more

Cliff Avril’s two-year deal with the Seahawks is worth $13 million

According to a source with knowledge of the contract details, Avril’s deal in Seattle is actually worth $13 million, with $11 million in guaranteed money and a little over $2 million available in incentives and escalators.

As part of his deal with the Seahawks, Avril received a $4.5 million signing bonus and has a $1.5 million base salary in 2013 that is fully guaranteed for a first-year cap hit of $3.75 million…

Avril is due a $7 million base salary in 2014, $5 million of which is currently guaranteed for injury only. On the fifth day of the 2014 waiver period, which begins the day after Super Bowl XLVIII, the $5 million in base salary will become fully guaranteed.

On Friday, Elvis Dumervil thought he was agreeing to a deal worth $30M over three years. At this point, he may be lucky to get a $20M contract over that same span...

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