Archie Manning: my boy can make the deep sideline throw

Archie Manning likes what he sees in Peyton's arm strength

“We’ve all been saying it for 50 years, but you can tell about a quarterback on a deep sideline throw,’’ said Archie, the former longtime NFL quarterback. “And he made one late in the game to No. 12. I believe that’s [Matt] Willis. See, I don’t even know all the players yet. But that was a good measurement [of arm strength].  And then he had to make a throw out to [tight end Jacob] Tamme, and he was under some pressure and had to throw it out there without any step into it. It wasn’t a bullet by any means, but I think if you’re really limited you can’t even get that ball out there. Because it was all arm. It’s a tough game and you don’t want to play with limitations, but I think he feels like he can still make the throws.’‘

One thing I've never been a fan of is Archie Manning's constant appearances in the press.  But I guess you can't blame the media for seeking him out.  Archie isn't some Pop Warner parent who played a little quarterback in high school.  Who else in the United States played professional football and has two sons who currently play quarterback in the NFL?

It will probably get annoying by year's end, but that's the price you pay for having PMFM as your quarterback.  We can all afford the sacrifice, can't we?

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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