ANS: Broncos remain #2 behind Seahawks

Team Efficiency Rankings: Week 7

The Kansas City Chiefs may be the NFL’s lone undefeated team, but their eighth place ranking is an embodiment of how the fundamental factors that determine who wins football games have changed.  Overall, the Chiefs possess the top-ranked defense and 26th-ranked offense.  The Broncos, angling to become the first 14-2 fifth-seed ever, are the exact opposite, with the top-ranked offense and 26th-ranked defense.  That Denver is second and has a GWP 11 percentage points higher illustrates how a prolific passing game is the ultimate trump card.

Denver remains #1 in passing efficiency and avoiding interceptions, is #9 in rushing success and #31 in fumbling (only Seattle is worse). On defense, they're #29 (tie) against the pass and #11 (tie) at intercepting passes, and #3 (tie) at stopping the run. Of course, stopping the run does you no good if you can't contain the pass. Overall, they're #21 (tie) in penalty avoidance, and it's kind of hard to believe they're not worse.

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