ANS: Broncos open at #2 in Burke’s efficiency rankings

Team Efficiency Rankings: Week 3

For those who need a refresher, these rankings consider passing, running, turnover and penalty efficiency to create a logistic regression model.  Using these values of team efficiency, we can determine the Generic Win Probability (GWP), a theoretical measure of a team’s long-term true winning percentage.  For more details, check out Brian Burke’s explanation from the start of last season.

So far, Denver's offense ranks 1st in passing the ball and avoiding interceptions, 8th running the ball, and 28th in avoiding fumbles. On defense, they're 20th against the pass but 6th in interception rate, and 2nd against the run. Overall, they're 24th in penalty avoidance.

These add up to a #1 ranking on offense, #20 on defense, and #2 overall.

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