ANS: Broncos climb atop Burke’s efficiency rankings

Team Efficiency Rankings: Week 4

The Chargers, this week’s biggest risers, are a little tougher to figure out.  San Diego possesses the best non-Denver passing attack, an important ingredient that can carry a team far in today’s NFL.  On the other hand, they continue to do very Charger-like things, such as blowing three-touchdown leads and having victory slip through their fingertips.

Obviously, Denver ranks #1 at passing the ball and avoiding interceptions; they're #4 in run success rate, and clearly, the data is off on their fumbling, which has been terrible so far. On defense, they're #25 against the pass but #10 at intercepting the ball, and #8 at stopping the run. They're #23 in overall penalty avoidance.

In total, the Broncos are #1 on offense, #24 on defense, and #1 overall; they ranked #2 overall last week.

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