Al Davis foot soldier Trask resigns from Raiders organization

Longtime Raiders executive Amy Trask resigns

Amy Trask, who was very close with deceased Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis and a trailblazer in terms of women in NFL front offices, told owner Mark Davis on Saturday that she is leaving the organization. Trask was very influential and in essence an extension of ownership but did not share the same type of relationship with Mark Davis as she did with his father…

...The move is not a surprise in league circles. It was widely know she and Davis were not in lockstep, and she had been focused primarily on stadium issues recently. Davis flirted with several options of restructuring his franchise this offseason, with the Raiders’ revenue and financial situation not ideal, and the team has continued to seek new minority investors, according to league sources.

No shock to see Trask leaving.   After serving Darth Vader for so long, anything that followed was probably a bore.

And if you think nobody in their right mind would want a non-controlling interest in a football team, you've not been paying attention.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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