Agents, lawyers, and money—guess what comes next?

Attorney: Elvis Dumervil's former agent wants NFLPA to examine contract snafu with Broncos

Agent Marty Magid is defending his conduct last week in representing former client Elvis Dumervil, saying that his email agreement to accept a contract offer from the Denver Broncos was sufficient under the rules of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Attorney David Cornwell said Tuesday that he has contacted the NFL Players Association to discuss the matter, hoping that the union will examine the case on behalf of both Magid and possibly Dumervil, who’s now a free agent…

...The issue is important on multiple levels. First, Magid is hoping to maintain his standing as a certified agent with the NFLPA. Second, any legal claims by Dumervil if he is unable to get $8 million this season would possibly be directed at the Broncos or the NFL rather than Magid, who has been fired by Dumervil. There is also some concern that the estate of the late agent Gary Wichard could pursue legal action in the Dumervil case. Because Wichard, who died in 2011, negotiated Dumervil’s original deal, his estate (and not Magid) may be entitled to the standard 3 percent commission from the contract. In this case, that would have been $240,000. A person close to Wichard’s family said Monday that Wichard’s estate would likely look into the matter.

Hard to pick sides on this one, but one thing's for sure: the lawyer always win.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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