Agent: McGahee just sticking to usual routine

Willis McGahee is only no-show for Broncos' training session

“He’s following the same routine he’s had his whole career,” said Chafie Fields, McGahee’s agent. “He’ll be there. He’s ready to compete. No messages.”

As noted by Gregg Rosenthal, Willis typically trains with his fellow ex-Hurricanes, so there appears to be nothing to see here.

However, his roster standing is still in jeopardy, what with the drafting of Montee Ball last month and Ronnie Hillman in 2012, plus Knowshon Moreno's lower age (by six years) and salary ($1.7M vs. $2.5M, and cutting McGahee would provide $2M in cap relief, while cutting Knowshon would net just $945K).

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