After four pass attempts by Osweiler, Elway takes a victory lap

Elway: Osweiler would be top QB in 2013

“From what I’ve seen from this class and what I’ve seen from Brock in the past year, I’d put him first,” Elway said. “Would he be a top-10 pick? I’m not sure, but he’d definitely be a first-round pick .... Now, I’m biased. But I really like what I’ve seen from him. And he is getting great training playing behind Peyton .... We’re really lucky to have Brock. We’re excited.”

Count me as someone consistently puzzled by criticism of the Osweiler pick, given the Broncos' mindset after signing Manning.  Peyton would be around for a few years, allowing the youngster time to develop; further, the Broncos wanted to avoid the 2011 disaster that befell the Colts, who never bothered to develop more than a clipboard holder for Peyton.

It doesn't so much matter what Osweiler was a year ago, or even what he is today. Let's judge him by what he does during his NFL career, which we'll hope doesn't begin in earnest for another two or three years.

Until then, I guess Elway & Co. will consider themselves free to say whatever they want about Brock and his value.

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