Adam Gase wants Broncos offense to move faster; what does that mean?

Tempo in the NFL

McCoy’s old team, the Denver Broncos, ranked just 10th in tempo, which is what happens when you mix John Fox with Peyton Manning; it will be interesting to see whether the addition of Wes Welker will increase the Broncos’ offensive tempo in 2013.

For most of Peyton Manning's career, the Colts and their "slow no-huddle" moved at a more leisurely pace than the 2012 Broncos did, but were faster during his last three years in Indy (2009-2011).

Will the Broncos actually be faster in 2013? As you know, we're not big on believing what coaches say, especially in May - so let's wait until at least September or October to draw conclusions.

If you're surprised to learn the 2011 Broncos were actually 13th in tempo, keep in mind that there were zero audibles at the line from Week 5 on, and there was a freakishly high rate of incomplete passes. And no, the point isn't to make fun of You Know Who here - it's just an obvious explanation for a ranking that's odd at first blush.

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