A watershed moment in Broncos history, and a name for us

Broncos-Raiders rivalry steaming Excerpt: "'77: Denver, the Broncos, and a Coming of Age"

Tom Jackson, in addition to covering backs out of the backfield and making tackles, devoted his energy to unleashing disdainful broadsides in the direction of the Oakland bench, including coach John Madden. After recovering a fumble late in the game near the sideline, Jackson got up, waved the ball, and spotted Madden a few feet away. “It’s all over, fat man!” he yelled.

On the NBC broadcast, sage play-by-play man Curt Gowdy, the voice of American sports and ‘The American Sportsman,’ mused that Sunday “has to be the greatest day in the history of the Denver franchise.”

Up to that point, it was.

Most of you know where our name came from, and some have learned the story from our About page. This excerpt from Terry Frei's book is an excellent retelling of the leadup to the 1977 showdown in Oakland, and the stunning touchdown pass from holder Norris Weese to kicker Jim Turner.

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