A Black Friday idea for Joe Ellis

Insider: Leinart in good spot to succeed

“There are people out there that think God is winning these games (for Tim Tebow) and willing him to victory- the right-wing coalition and the power of prayer. Everyone is going to be kneeling and Tebowing before it is all over. Someone is going to think of a way to make money off this one. They’ll create the Tebow doll where he is kneeling down and you push a button and he stands up and screams ‘Amen.’ “

Yeah, I know the idea of a Tebow doll sounds crazy, right?

I would have said the same thing about a 23-year old writing an autobiography a year ago.

Tebow makes the unexpected possible.  

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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