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Phrase of the day: Willis McGahee’s pimpette

A Blow-By-Blow Account Of The Fred Davis Lawsuit, Which Is The Strangest Lawsuit Involving A Female Pimp We’ve Seen Today

Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis has been involved in an 18-month legal battle that is among the strangest we’ve ever seen. Makini Chaka, a 33-year old woman that Davis alleges to be a “pimpette,” was granted a temporary restraining order with regard to Davis back in January 2011, and later sued for a permanent one…She also claims that Davis continually violates the temporary restraining order and “harasses” her, and that he “blacklisted” her from DC nightclubs with his influence, and that he once impersonated Santana Moss on the phone to keep her out of one, saying no Redskins would go if she was allowed in. She claims this has lost her business and clients, and she wants compensation. Davis says she’s extorting him.

Of course, Chaka says it’s not about money. To prove that, she boasted a bit. Davis claims she’s a “pimpette,” providing prostitutes for athletes. A man named “Prince,” who has worked as Davis’s bodyguard and is also friends with Chaka, backed up the claim that Chaka is a “madam/pimpette,” saying that it’s widely known in DC. Chaka denied that, describing herself as a “celebrity broker who organizes parties for sports and entertainment stars.” She claimed that she does well and doesn’t need money from Davis, citing that one of her main clients, Willis McGahee, “happens to be a first round draft pick. He makes over 40 million dollars… yet you’re saying that I want to get Mr. Davis for money and he’s a second-round draft pick, and his, he doesn’t even gross anywhere close to Willis.” Boom, roasted, Fred! For the record, McGahee is a veteran with significantly more career earnings than Davis, but Davis is making much more than McGahee this season. She also name-dropped Snoop Dogg, Vonta Leach and others as clients.

Moral to the story: if you must impersonate Santana Moss, do a better job of it.

Psychiatrists: ADHD meds don’t aid players who don’t need them

Is There An ADHD Epidemic in Major League Baseball?

Professional athletes will look for any edge, they said, and only those who truly require ADHD medication in order to properly function should be permitted to take it. Moreover, Dr. Hallowell added, Ritalin, Adderall and similar drugs do not produce a super-focusing effect for people without ADHD. Those drugs work by altering the brain’s chemistry. According to Dr. Hallowell, if a ballplayer’s brain chemistry doesn’t “need” altering, then he’s more likely to experience the unpleasant side effects of the drugs—like elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, insomnia and weight loss—and none of the benefits.

In the end, Dr. Tuckman noted, “when ADHD is appropriately diagnosed and the medication is appropriately prescribed and taken, it doesn’t give someone with ADHD an edge any more than giving contact lenses to someone who is far-sighted.”

The NFLPA has quite a bit on its plate at the moment; but once they get past the Saints bounty scandal, we hope they'll turn some of their attention to the Ginger Hammer's inconsistently levied and often heavyhanded penalties for ADHD medication use.

2009 Draft was so terrible, Denver’s haul doesn’t look that bad

Flash-forward: 2009 AFC West draft review

Denver collected a lot of high draft picks, but they did a poor job when it came time to turn those cards in for players…It was a lot of effort for not a lot of value.

Denver has one starter on defense, a running back that could contribute something if healthy, and a depth player at safety…In the 2009 NFL Draft, apparently getting anyone to fill a roster spot is a noteworthy accomplishment. This was not a good draft by any means.

The Broncos' performance in the 2009 Draft (the first by Josh McDaniels) was immediately panned by football analysts far and wide, and it didn't take long for Alphonso Smith to become a favorite target of the McDoofus Sux crowd. Over time, it has grown impossible for even this McDaniels apologist to suggest Denver fared well four Aprils ago. But the overarching theme to Scott Kacsmar's thorough examination of the 2009 Draft is that a lot of teams flopped.

To that end, Knowshon Moreno, who hasn't lived up to even his critics' expectations, actually has a higher CarAV (15) than twelve other first-rounders; Robert Ayers is right behind him at 14. Surprisingly, among the AFCW teams, Denver's picks have played in the most NFL games and amassed the highest CarAV.

Demaryius Thomas: Route tree is back in vogue

For Demaryius Thomas, the Arrival of Peyton Manning Means it’s Time to Run Routes Again

On having to run more routes with Manning at quarterback:

“You’re gonna have to run the whole route tree now. The comebacks, the slants, the posts, the ins. And I didn’t have to do that much when I was my first couple of years in the league.”

For those who don't remember what it looks like:


Peytonpalooza > Tebowmania

Broncos May Renovate Stadium Thanks To Manning

Of the Broncos’ 130 total suites, the team tries to lease 115 each season, leaving 15 to sell on a game-by-game basis. Last season, the Broncos left more than five additional suites unleased because they couldn’t find anyone willing to buy the leases, which cost an average of $115,000 per season.

But the Broncos are so confident that they will be able to sell suite leases for the upcoming season that they are planning to convert two 32-person party suites, which are sold on a game-by game basis for $15,000, into six to eight mini suites, which they would lease on a seasonal basis for $60,000. The renovations would allow the team to generate an extra $276,000 of revenue per season from the same amount of square feet in their stadium, according to Ryan Barefoot, the Broncos’ senior director of premium seating.

In related news, the team announced today that single-game tickets will go on sale July 23.

It’s not a BMarsh interview without someone going under the bus

Marshallisms: Bears WR on Cutler, anger, Twitter, fans and more

On receivers coaches:

“To be honest (when I arrived in Miami) I was like, ‘You know, I need some coaching. Right now I’m coming off my natural ability. I want a coach who’s played the position or played the game before, who knows and understands the receivers position. So they can take me and my world to a whole other level.’ I haven’t had a good coach as far as that receiving position since I’ve been in the NFL .... As far as technique and someone who understands the game, the last time I had a good receiving coach was DJ McCarthy in college.”

He's already dumped on every QB he's played with save Cutler, so might as well move on to WR coaches, right? Marshall's position coaches in Denver were Adam Gase (2009), Jedd Fisch (08), and Steve Watson (06-07), who of course played nine seasons with the Broncos, despite BMarsh's suggestion that none of his coaches possessed firsthand knowledge of the position.

Brandon also provides some insight to the supposed genius of Jeremy Bates, who apparently had Cutler and Marshall play sandlot football in Denver.

Tomlinson pondered Denver before retirement

Tomlinson considered continuing career in -- gasp! -- Denver

“The only team I really gave a thought to was the Broncos, because of Peyton,” Tomlinson said Saturday, referring, of course, to Denver’s signing of quarterback Peyton Manning. “We talked. Tom (Condon, Tomlinson’s agent) talked with them ... It made me pause a little (and think), ‘Was this what I really want to do?’ … I said, ‘They got Peyton, they have a good defense already; they went deep in the playoffs with Tim Tebow, what are they going to do with Peyton?’ I seriously thought about it.”

“That was the only reason I considered Denver,” he said. “At the same time, I thought, ‘How much is a Super Bowl ring really going to do for you at this point?’ Because it’s not with the team I really wanted to do it with.”

It's impossible to discern from Kevin Acee's story whether it was the Broncos or Tomlinson's agent, Tom Condon, who initiated contact between the two sides. Also unclear is whether discussions went any further than a preliminary feeler; Condon, of course, also represents Peyton Manning. But however much Tomlinson might have left in the tank, one thirtysomething running back would seem enough for Denver's roster, so it's hard to imagine the Broncos would have been willing to offer any guaranteed money to add the NFL's fifth all-time leading rusher.

Warren Sapp sort of apologizes, but wants world to know T-levels are tip top

Warren Sapp on Claiming Jeremy Shockey was the Bounty Snitch: “I’m Not a Reporter. My Boss made that Clear to me”

On if he and Shockey have worked things out:

“I saw Jeremy about a week after it all went down at a Heat game … and I told him, I said, ‘I apologize for putting it on the street level and making it derogatory towards you.’ The information that was passed to me, I stand by my source, but I hate that I put it on a level, that wasn’t the way it should be. … That’s what I apologized for, because I put it on a way lower level than it should’ve been. It was something serious that never shoulda went on and stuff like that. So that’s the problem I have with myself and what I said to him.”

On if Shockey is OK with him:

“The two times I’ve seen him I haven’t had a problem with him, but if he does we can go out in the grass and get it over with. … I don’t have a problem with getting my knuckles a little scarred up.”

Up next week in the World According to Sapp? How to hide your Championship rings before declaring bankrupcty and being forced to liquidate assets.

Apocalypse Now: Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer in the booth together

Sports by Brooks learns Chris Berman will do play-by-play

SbB has learned Chris Berman will do the play-by-play for ESPN’s Sept. 10 Monday Night Chargers-Raiders game.  Berman will also do play-by-play for one ESPN NFL preseason game. Trent Dilfer will be the color analyst for both games.

Yikes! Looks like ESPN is stumbling, bumbling, and mumbling on this one.

No one circles the (funny) wagons like ESPN.

(H/t: Awful Announcing)

Going for the jugular to prevent concussions

Can Science See Inside An NFL Player’s Skull Before It’s Too Late?

Think of it this way: In a collision, the brain is basically driving without a seatbelt or an airbag. While better helmets and the banning of helmet-to-helmet detonations might help keep your skull intact, they would do nothing to stop the brain from smashing into the windshield in even minor collisions.

Bailes’s answer to this brain slosh amounts to stuffing the whole car full of packing peanuts. His newest research takes groups of rats and puts a small, circular device around their necks, compressing their internal jugular veins. That increases the volume of blood in the skull, which creates added pressure on the brain, locking it in place. In theory, that should keep the brain’s movement inside the skull more in line with the skull’s own movement, allowing all the new space-age helmets to do their jobs.

So far, Bailes’s team has seen a 30 percent increase in cranial pressure, and, after concussing the rats and examining the resulting computer models, an 80 percent drop in the precursors to amyloid protein. “This was only a proof-of-concept pilot study, and it hasn’t been proven in humans, but we think the theory is sound,” he said. “If it moves forward, we’re going to expand to a broader group of patients, and we hope to do that sooner rather than later.”

If the research can be replicated and no unforeseen safety concerns pop up—neither of which is guaranteed in research like this—there are already people and players volunteering as test subjects. Why wouldn’t there be? If a simple necklace could reduce the accumulation of brain injury, and there is virtually no downside to wearing it, isn’t that worth whatever minor discomfort it causes and a few hours a year of testing?

Concussed rats and jugular veins.  Who knew?