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Elway: Forget the neck

John Elway: Peyton Manning will play 'one or two series'

“I’m not afraid about him getting hit. I’m really not,” Elway said. “Everybody’s worried about whether he can take a hit or not, he wouldn’t be on that football field if he couldn’t take a hit. If our doctors were worried, we wouldn’t have done anything on him a long time ago. I wanna see him get out there, get the rust off, complete a couple balls, and see how everyone reacts underneath the pressure and how we can do some different things and getting him under the bullets to where some things we do at the line of scrimmage, if he wants to change some things around and how we react to it.”

So, the Duke has spoken. What about you? Does Peyton's neck concern you at all?

Will Matt Moore eventually find his way to Denver?

Reflecting on training camp travels

Thinking about the Broncos’ backup situation: The Broncos have the quarterback of the present in Peyton Manning and the quarterback of the future in Brock Osweiler. The current backup is Caleb Hanie. From watching practice, you get the idea that Osweiler, though listed No. 3, might end up beating out Hanie for the backup job. That might be a big gamble to have him as a backup. I could see the Broncos signing Matt Moore if he’s cut by the Dolphins. Moore has a good background with Broncos coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy from their days in Carolina. There is a good chance David Garrard will beat out Moore, which puts the Dolphins in a position to decide if they want Moore or Ryan Tannehill as their backup.

Matt Moore is frustrated in Miami.  John Fox and Mike McCoy once coached Moore.  And Brock Osweiler may end up beating out Caleb Hanie.  Are these three connections enough to think the Broncos would sign Moore in favor of Hanie? 

It probably depends on your view of Matt Moore.  Moore's career rating is 80.1 in 35 appearances compared to Hanie's 61.7 in 11 appearances--if you're into the numbers.

Travis Henry ready to get busy again—with football

Source: Travis Henry reinstated

Travis Henry has been given the green light from the NFL to pursue a comeback, if he can find a team willing to give him a chance. The 33-year-old running back, who hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2007, has been reinstated from the suspended list, a source confirmed with ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The source said Henry, whose reinstatement had been earlier reported by, is not expected to sign with a team…

...His income gone, Henry turned to the drug trade in part to cover mounting child support payments, according to court documents and testimony. Henry has said that at the time of his arrest, he was struggling to keep up with child support payments. He has 11 children with 10 women.

It's good to see Travis Henry ready for the bump and grind of the NFL game yet again. It's been a few years since he's hammered a first down or even scored. We can only imagine what he's going through right now imagining hitting it--meaning the field. But we're quick to warn Mr. Henry: getting back to the NFL requires humping it every single day and recognizing the in and out of each situation. In order to make it, you've got to plant the seed of dedication, probe your strenths and weaknesses, and ride it out. Thread the needle if you have to, but always--and we do mean always--smash through the hole.  But only if you've figured out if it's the A or the B gap.  

No, Really, Thank You, John Elway

Broncos camp report: Eternals Bailey, Manning have it covered on both sides

Kill the legend of Tim Tebow. I’ve heard this from several players. It’s not said with animosity or jealousy but there is a segment of the team, not a small one, that felt Tebow was all about Tebow and both he and the media forgot that other segments of the team (emphasis on team) helped push the Broncos to the playoffs. The players who say this aren’t naïve. They know that if the Broncos win, Manning will get the credit. But to them, Manning is a Hall of Famer who can actually, well, throw the ball. And has a track record of greatness.

Let's see if I've got this: Teebs was all about the Teebs--brought to you sin animosidad.  

McGahee goes beast; comes into camp at 245

Peyton Manning has Broncos abuzz

McGahee turns 31 in October, which is ancient for a running back. Since college, McGahee has conquered doubts, and he has an answer this year. He dedicated himself to the weight room and arrived in camp a muscular 245 pounds, about 10 pounds heavier than last year. His upper body is ripped. His body fat dropped to 9 percent.

Today's public service announcement: do not f#!@ with Willis McGahee.

Broncos stockpiling veterans; Keith Brooking coming to Denver

Broncos sign five-time Pro Bowl veteran LB Keith Brooking

The Broncos took another plunge into the free agent-market Monday, signing veteran linebacker Keith Brooking…Brooking started three games for the Cowboys last season after a 97-tackle season in 2010 and a 106-tackle season in 2009.

It was only a few minutes ago (okay an hour, but minutes seems more dramatic) that we surmised the Broncos weren't set at linebacker.

Does Brooking still have any gas in the tank? The Broncos aim to find out.  It would appear his days as a starter are over, however.  

We can be sure of one thing.  The Broncos haven't had a middle linebacker who gets as fired up as Brooking since Al Wilson.  Check out this pregame Hulk Hogan.  And for good measure, here's another.   Finally, here's the original, reminding you little Bronco maniacs to take your vitamins, say your prayers, and drink your protein shakes.

(H/t: Steve Williams)

Chargers prefer to disappoint all their young fans rather than just some of them

Chargers won’t sign autographs at FanFest

Fanfest note: No team auto session this year. Has become too big; too many kids going away bummed w/o autos. Still great day with your team.

MDS suggests this is a proper solution to memorabilia sellers loading up on merch, but why not just set an age and/or item limit for autographs (ie 15 and under, one item each)?

You stay classy, San Diego.

Chris Harris will not go gently into that good night

Broncos' Peyton Manning, WR Eric Decker continue to click, look ready for regular season

Position battle: No competition may be more hotly contested than at nickel back. Drayton Florence, a 10-year veteran, was signed as a free agent with the idea of playing either the nickel or right corner. Tracy Porter has the right spot locked up but at nickel, Chris Harris is hardly conceding the job he held last year as a rookie. Harris was the Broncos’ first-team nickel Sunday and went head-to-head against veteran Brandon Stokley.

One of the true bright spots last year was the play of (then) rookie Chris Harris.  It seems Mr. Harris didn't get the memo that Drayton Florence and Omar Bolden came into camp with the notion of killing Harris's NFL career.  

Rage, rage against the dying of the light, Chris Harris.   

Not bad, Bill Williamson

Camp Confidential: Denver Broncos

Former Chicago quarterback Caleb Hanie has the inside track to be Manning’s backup. Still, Adam Weber or rookie Brock Osweiler could pull off the surprise and beat him out…The Broncos are high on undrafted rookie linebacker Steven Johnson. The Kansas product could get some looks at middle linebacker in the preseason…The Broncos will look at a lot of punt return options. Having Decker do it may be risky. I think it is an area Denver will look to upgrade on the waiver wire…The Broncos would like to see middle linebacker Joe Mays shore up his tackling in camp. He is a solid player, but he whiffed too many times last season…Defensive lineman Ben Garland is making an impression. He is athletic and has great feet and could make the team.

A rare column from the cuddly Pork Chop--meaning that it's probably worth your time reading.  He gives some additional observations outside the Paige/Klis/Jones contingent. The notes on Ben Garland, the punt return situation, and the battle at quarterback are interesting bits; further, always interesting is the state of flux that is the Denver Broncos' linebackers.  Steven Johnson beating out Joe Mays?  Could it really happen?  One thing you can be sure of: Johnson works his butt off, as this video demonstrates.  

Anthony Perkins creates his own luck

Training Camp 2012: Day Three P.M.

Perkins worked out with the team during the rookie minicamp earlier this summer and has kept himself in shape since then, anticipating an opportunity…After working out with Offensive Line Coach Dave Magazu’s son in Boulder, Colo., Perkins was headed to Dove Valley to check out the facilities when his phone rang. “I got the call when I was about 15 minutes away,” Perkins said of finding out he was signed. “It was a little unreal.”

Perkins, who still watched the morning practice, stood next to and talked with Secondary Coach Sam Garnes throughout the evening walkthrough, trying to absorb as much as possible given his late start.  “At this level, every detail matters,” Perkins said. “You’ve got to be detailed in every single thing you do. Practices like that, you’ve got to be good at the details. I’m kind of playing catch-up right now, trying to get into the playbook and making sure that I’m able to be as detailed as these guys are that are practicing out there.”

If the definition of luck is indeed preparation meeting opportunity, then Anthony Perkins is one lucky guy.  With an attitude and work ethic like this one, luck could continue finding him in training camp.