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The debate is over: Tebow is Tom Brady

Rex says Tebow played Brady on scout team, gave tips on McDaniels

According to Jets coach Rex Ryan, Tebow has already done valuable work in practice this week: Tebow played the role of Tom Brady for the Jets’ scout team to prepare the defense, and Tebow also provided information about the play-calling tendencies of Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who coached Tebow in Denver.

Asked whether picking Tebow’s brain for intelligence about McDaniels was part of his preparation, Ryan confirmed that it was.  “Absolutely, we did that with Tim,” Ryan said.

For all you doubters, remember, Tebow said this about Josh McDaniels:

I was jacked leaving that room. I didn't even want to visit another room. It was not enough time. We were excited, we were enthusiastic. There was passion. It was just intense, and it was ball, and it was juice. The juice level in that room was high, and it was awesome.


Raiders have ‘em right where they want ‘em

Oakland Raiders see opportunity to get back in AFC West race

“What I wanted our guys to understand is that even though we haven’t started the way we wanted to, that everything we set out at the beginning of the year is still right in front of us,’’ Allen said. “Sometimes when you start off 1-4, you feel like things are lost, and that’s not necessarily the case.’’ The Denver Broncos started 1-4 last season, with Allen as defensive coordinator, and ended up winning the AFC West on the final weekend of the season with an 8-8 record.

Strong side linebacker Philip Wheeler said: “He might have thought that we were down and saying we’re out of it, but we’re not out of it. We’re not out of anything. We can still make our own destiny.’‘

The one problem?  The Raiders don't have Tim Tebow to run the veer option, and for as good as Sebastian Janikowski has been over the years, he's no Matt Prater.   

With all due respect to Dennis Allen, the Raiders will be lucky to win seven games.

Who cares what athletes put in their bodies?

Happy endings rare in sports

Do you think anyone cares what Kobe Bryant does to get his knees ready for an 82-game NBA season? You think David Stern and the league’s television partners care? The same could be said of Peyton Manning’s neck and Ray Lewis’ triceps.

I hope Kobe plays forever (as long as he’s never perceived as a better player than Magic Johnson). Kobe is entertaining, compelling and fun to analyze. So are Manning, Lewis and A-Rod. My position on PEDs has been pretty consistent for quite some time. Athletes are entertainers, the same as musicians. I don’t much care what drugs Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses or Marvin Gaye used to make good music. I don’t care what athletes do to take the field.

Although it's a minority position to take in American sports, I agree with Whitlock on this one.  I don't care what athletes put in their bodies as long as they know the associated risks; further, he's right to call football entertainment.  It may be more enduring than hot-oil wrestling (although I know where I'd rather be during a 4th-quarter blowout), and Roger Goodell would have you believe it's as American as the Boy Scouts, apple pie, and a Tim Tebow speaking engagement (that will be $30,000, thanks), but at the end of the day, it's just another way to occupy your leisure time--you know, like composing showtunes, masturbation, or watching reality TV.  As long as you are consuming something, you contribute to a Keynesian multiplier

Now, fire up that plasma TV and drink something that has caffeine or alcohol (preferably both)--two substances the NFL hasn't banned.   

Are the Broncos in the market for a defensive tackle?

Seahawks, 49ers must improve pass attacks; NFL-wide thoughts

7) The Denver Broncos really needs another defensive tackle, and they seem like a team that might be aggressive near the trading deadline, possibly one willing to give away a 2013 draft pick for a player who can solidify the middle of the defense. The potential trade partner would have to be a team out of postseason contention with a free agent-to-be. Would Sedrick Ellis of the New Orleans Saints qualify? Only if the Saints keep losing. How about Glenn Dorsey of the Kansas City Chiefs? Only if the Chiefs are not planning on bringing him back. With the deadline extended this season to the Tuesday after Week 8, these potential scenarios will get interesting.

What to make of Lombardi's comments?  Lombardi is likely speculating on the actual names; it's unlikely the Broncos would allow those details to get out on the street.  But there's probalby a kernel of truth to the idea the Broncos want to get stronger up the middle.  It's not as if the idea would shock anyone.  Even the most casual of fans have been advocating this strategy for the last five drafts.  Selecting Derek Wolfe was just a drop in the bucket.  

Can we please just let Peyton be Peyton?

Denver Dips Into the Old Colts Playbook for Some Vintage Peyton

At times this season it’s been clear that Denver head coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy have been more focused on fitting Manning into their offense, with mixed results. Some of this has been because of Manning’s need to learn Denver’s terminology, while the rest of it has just been finding the right blend for the entire team. What we saw in the second half is something we’ve seen all year, namely the Broncos dipping into Manning’s old Colts playbook for plays he’s most comfortable with, and then succeeding with them.

During our in-game chats, I'm the all-caps guy pounding THROW THE BALL into my keyboard; Monday was no different. But I don't (usually) mean it literally.

Rather, run the ball when Peyton sees fit  - based upon box count - and not because Mike McCoy wants to script a three-TE set into the opening series. We've been over it again and again - left in Peyton's hands, he's going to run the ball plenty - when the situation and defensive personnel/formation dictate it.

But leave him be with his no-huddle, stay-on-the-field 11 personnel; it worked more than fine in Indy for thirteen years. Sure, McCoy and Fox probably think they have some great new-fangled scheme that combines their own playbook with that of Indy's, and maybe they're right. But the time to mess around is when you're up by twenty or thirty - not on the way to a weekly twenty-point second-half deficit.

Not to pile on Joe Mays, but…

Snapshot: Run Stop Percentage, Linebackers

Touted as a Secret Superstar before last season, Joe Mays made us look like geniuses in 2011 with his superb play in limited snaps. However, 2012 has been a little more rocky. Mays has taken on more snaps in the Broncos’ defense and with that change he has been making fewer plays in the running game. Mays was tied with Bowman for the league lead in Run Stop Percentage in 2011 and his 46 stops were third among all linebackers. This year he has six stops, the worst Run Stop Percentage among qualifying middle linebackers, and an amazingly low nine solo tackles against the run. With the success he has had in the past, one can only expect Mays’ stats to get better as the season goes on.

He's not a candidate to move into the middle, and he does have two missed tackles (which is a lot), but interesting to see Wesley Woodyard among the leaders in RSP (eighth-best, at 13.5%). Also, as much as we've been pointing out the successes of Vontaze Burfict in Cincy, we'd be remiss to ignore his presence on the list of players with the worst RSP.

San Diego is the new Oakland

Broncos fan recovers after attack at Qualcomm Stadium

“Someone spilled their beer on me, and the next thing I noticed I woke up in a hospital the next day,” said Eric, a 22-year-old Broncos fan who didn’t want to give his last name.

Eric said Chargers fans began harassing him because he was wearing his Broncos jersey just before the start of the game.  Within seconds someone hit him on the back of his head, and he fell to the ground and hit his head.  He spent two days in the hospital. Wednesday, he returned home to begin the healing process.

No word yet as to whose jersey it was that caused San Diego fans to act like savages.  A Terrell Davis?  Rod Smith?  Ashley Lelie?   Personally, I'm hoping it was an Elway jersey.  Elway spent years beating the hell out of the Chargers on the field.  Now he's doing it off the field, too.

In the end, it doesn't really matter.  Chargers fans will be Raiders fans.  Or is it the other way around?

Stay classy, Chargers fans.  Oh, and go #$@% yourselves. (via MHS)

Clady making the case for Joe Thomas money

Snapshot: PBE, Offensive Tackles

While Justice has the top rating there’s always more interest in left tackles, so who leads the way there? Well, step forward Ryan Clady who is picking the right time to produce his best form with his contract coming up. He’s building himself a case for Joe Thomas-type money with the Cleveland Brown left tackle just behind him in the third spot.

For the record (or PFF's record), Clady has 240 pass block snaps and only allowed five total pressures.

How much of this will the Broncos brass and John Elway attribute to Peyton Manning?

It may not matter.  If the market perceives that Clady plays at Joe Thomas's level (and perhaps he does), he's going to get Joe Thomas money, which is more than the Broncos offered in the offseason.

Right now--and we're only six games in--Clady may have made the right call by not signing that deal.  Our advice to Clady in the next ten weeks?  Don't play pickup basketball.

Broncos will be without Tracy Porter when they battle Chargers tomorrow

Broncos CB Tracy Porter out with illness for Monday night game against Chargers

Porter has an illness, the Broncos announced, and he didn’t make the team flight to San Diego for Monday’s game. He had practiced all week.

Chris Harris will move from nickelback to starting RCB opposite Champ Bailey, and Tony Carter is expected to replace Harris as the nickelback. When the Broncos go to a six-DB package, they’ll use rookie CB Omar Bolden or one of their backup safeties—Jim Leonhard or David Bruton—depending on the situation.

I've maintained Chris Harris has the ability to start in the NFL.  Tomorrow night, he'll get his first chance to prove it.  The good news for the Broncos?  The Chargers do not have anyone on their roster named Wes Welker.

Unbelievable: 1-5 Chiefs offer Pioli an extension

The NFL Today: Embattled Chiefs GM Pioli offered two-year extension, yet to sign

Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli has been under intense scrutiny from fans and local media, but has been staunchly supported by owner Clark Hunt, who despite the turmoil recently offered Pioli a two-year extension, according to a league source.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have Bill Belichick thrust upon them.

Our advice to Scott Pioli: sign the extension.  The less strenuous the division is for the Broncos, the better.