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Fox: Wes Welker says he’s ‘feeling good’ after latest concussion

Retirement 'not been brought up' for concussed Broncos WR Wes Welker

“That has not been brought up at all,” head coach John Fox said Monday, two days after Welker was concussed late in the second quarter of Saturday’s preseason game against the Houston Texans. “You’d have to talk to Wes in that area. I didn’t sense that.”

Undoubtedly, that's great to hear. But let's just hope that Welker does the right thing (whatever that may be, including retirement) for himself as a human being, rather than as a football player, or a Denver Bronco.

Sounds about right

NFL players would least like to play for Oakland, new poll claims

An ESPN/NFL Nation Confidential poll surveyed 100-plus players to find the least desirable location to play in the NFL. The question was this: “The only way I’d play for [team name] is if they doubled my salary.”

The “winner”? Oakland, with 23 percent of the 82 respondents.

We're not big fans of these small polls, but sometimes a large sample isn't required to uncover the truth.

Just when you thought you understood how hard Peyton Manning works…

To understand Peyton Manning, one has to know where he came from

The clock in the hotel room shows 9:45 p.m. Peyton Manning is standing in somewhere between the bed and the television set holding a football, as if he is taking a snap from center. On one side of him is Emmanuel Sanders. On the other, Cody Latimer.

To say that Manning is driven, or that he works hard, just doesn't cut it anymore. There has to be another word for it, because this is far beyond work, an obsession, a mania, devotion, fixation, or anything else on

Is Peyton Manning to blame for Wes Welker’s concussion?

Curran: Manning has to share blame for Welker concussion

Wes Welker’s sitting with another concussion today not because D.J. Swearinger hit him in the helmet but because Peyton Manning threw the ball into a team meeting Saturday night. Manning can be as pissed as he wants to be at Swearinger but he bears some of the burden for throwing over the middle to his 190-pound concussion-prone receiver with a converging mass of three Texans. In a preseason game. When Manning wasn’t under pressure.

Manning is a genius pre-snap. But post-snap, you have to wonder how he doesn’t see the potential for disaster unfolding on some of his throws. Or maybe he does and the fact he delivers the ball with less velocity than every other quarterback in the league is the problem. A quarterback who rips the ball to an open receiver gives him a chance to get out of harm’s way. Manning delivers some flutterballs.

It was hard not to laugh when I read this piece from Tom Curran. He makes his argument, but then undermines himself throughout by pointing out Welker's own role in past concussions. The piece stinks of historical bias.  

There are so many variables that go into any one play, one simply can't make these sorts of generalities without precise knowledge of the defensive and offensive calls.

Florio: Matt Prater never faced season-long ban

Prater wasn’t facing a one-year suspension

However, multiple league sources tell PFT that Prater was never facing a one-year suspension…One source pointed out that the NFLPA isn’t pleased that someone (possibly Steinberg) has been leaking details regarding Prater’s suspension, given the confidentiality of the process. If Prater authorized the disclosures, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Something doesn't add up here. If a one-year ban was never on the table, then why isn't Prater appealing his suspension, especially while Steinberg tries to make it sound like Prater was just enjoying a couple of cold ones at home?

PFF: Bradley Roby looking like the total package

ReFo: Texans @ Broncos, Preseason Week 3

This one goes to the rookie Bradley Roby, who made things difficult for Fitzpatrick, Andre Johnson and the Houston offense. If he can get to this level of play on a consistent basis, expect a lot more game balls in his future.

Here's what jumps out from PFF's grades for Saturday night: Over just 44 snaps, Denver's starting line posted an insane cumulative grade of +11.1.

Then again, J.J. Watt saw only nine snaps, while Jadeveon Clowney was held out.

Manning to D.J. Swearinger: **ck you

Peyton Manning Tells DJ Swearinger “(Expletive) You” After Touchdown

A source has told SportsRadio 610 that Manning said two simple words to Swearinger, “F*** You.” DJ Swearinger has also confirmed that that is exactly what Manning told him.

The discontent might have started during the week while the Texans and Broncos practiced together at the Broncos training facilities. During the dual team practices during the week in Dove Valley, Colorado Houston Texans safety DJ Swearinger was in the middle of a few dust ups on the practice field. After one practice Swearinger claimed the reason for the fights were that he picked off the future hall of famer.

Don't you love it when Peyton Manning goes all carnal on dudes?

It's too bad the Texans won't make the playoffs this year. It would have been fun to watch Manning drop four or five touchdowns on Swearinger.

Reminder: You can’t just swap out Brock Osweiler for Lavonte David

Kickin' it with Kiz: Broncos dropped ball on running back Eddie Lacy during NFL draft

Had the Broncos taken Lacy instead of Montee Ball and picked linebacker Lavonte David instead of Brock Osweiler, they would have stood a much better chance of beating the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Look, this is really simple. Had the Broncos drafted Lavonte David in 2012, they most certainly would not have drafted Danny Trevathan. So, it's not as simple as plugging David into Denver's defense and then suggesting they would have won SB 48.

Never mind that, at the time, nobody knew whether Peyton Manning would return to form, or play long enough to warrant passing on a quarterback.

Fairley eating his way out the starting lineup

Lions' Nick Fairley: My eating habits 'got in the way'

“My eating habits have got in the way these past two weeks,” Fairley told reporters this week, via the team’s official website.

“I haven’t said this a lot, or to many people, more or less, but Nick is more athletically gifted than me,” Ndamukong Suh said. “He has an opportunity to be better than me.”

That opportunity is quickly slipping away. The Lions did not pick up the fifth-year option in Fairley’s contract in a bid to motivate him. It’s not working.

But bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good.

Not a Broncos story, but a reminder, kids, of the dangers of letting the ol' eating habits slip, even just a little.

Former NFLer Tim Shaw has ALS

Tim Shaw's ALS diagnosis raises fears of connection to playing football

According to Forbes, there is compelling evidence that football players might be four times more likely to have ALS than the general male population. The CDC found in a 2012 study that the incidence rate rose from fewer than two cases out of nearly 3,500 men to seven cases among former NFL players.

This is terrible news, which serves to underscore how ridiculous it was for Roger Goodell to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.