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Dungy: Expect Peyton in broadcast booth in five years

Manning's future as NFL broadcaster, Fox's uneven college debut, more

“I would say he would,” said Dungy, an analyst for NBC’s Football Night In America. “He enjoys the game so much and it is a way to keep yourself involved. He would also be phenomenal. He has everything you are looking for. I joked with [NBC Sports executive producer] Sam Flood awhile back: If we hired him at NBC, it would triple Sam’s workload. Peyton will be so prepared and not leave a stone unturned. He would put 30 hours a week into it because he will want to be the best. Whoever hires him, they have to know what comes the territory. But if he did this he would be phenomenal.”

With Mark Schlereth, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, John Lynch, and IAOFM patron saint Tom Jackson currently covering the NFL for national networks, Manning would be quite an addition to what is already an ex-Bronco-dominated industry.

Peyton: We’ll go for it on fourth, as long as y’all are quiet

Manning Asks For Fans' Help on Offense

“I believe we are going to go for it on some fourth downs this year and maybe not cheering when we’re going for it on fourth down – wait and see and if we get it, cheer then. To me, it’s a hard thing. These fans have so much enthusiasm, but for a receivers’ standpoint, you’d love to have that homefield advantage where you wouldn’t have to signal at home.”

The quarterback even offered a suggestion on how to solve the issue on gamedays.

“I don’t know, maybe there’s a leader in each section in the stands, we’ll take some voting polls, have a campaign,” Manning said. “But that’s what you want, a guy to say, fourth-and-1, they’re going for it – I don’t know if that’s possible, I don’t know how to get that message relayed, but any help we can get out there from Broncos fans, we’ll take.”

Preach on, brother Peyton. (h/t Mike Birtwistle)

Site Recommendation: O-Line World

Studying Film

One of the most beneficial aspects of studying film isn’t found in the immediate improvements it can yield. The true merit of studying film is in the embedding of “oline coding” taking place. The same way a computer is coded for particular functions, our brains undergo a similar process through film study.

For those who like to know about the play in the trenches, or who want to begin to learn to watch film, here are some excellent thoughts from former Saints center/guard LeCharles Bentley, whose line-centric site is an excellent resource.

Benoit: Even with Von’s suspension, Broncos are still favorites

Broncos Preview: No Von, No Problem

Man coverage prowess is also what makes outside linebacker Wesley Woodyard so important to this defense. In fact, the sixth-year pro might be the best all-around pass-defending linebacker in football, which more than makes up for his mild limitations against the run.

As always, an excellent read from Andy Benoit, although this season preview doesn't account for the summer breakouts by Julius Thomas and Duke Ihenacho, who look like they'll end up as starters.

A four-game suspension for Von Miller would apparently be a reduction

Six-game ban likely for Von Miller

Von Miller is facing a six-game suspension for violation of the league’s substance policy, according to league sources, but the sides still are negotiating as representatives of the Denver Broncos linebacker are trying to get the ban reduced to four games.
Miller met last Thursday with the NFL Players Association with some hope he could have the suspension reduced to four games, sources said, but another source familiar with the process was convinced it will be at least a six-game suspension.

Sheesh. Denver's first six games are, in order, versus Baltimore, at the Giants, versus Oakland and Philadelphia, at Dallas, and versus Jacksonville.

Wolfe, Welker, Bailey likely done for preseason

Broncos expect Wolfe, Welker for opener

The MRI showed no major tears, but Bailey was dealing with plenty of soreness in the arch of his foot and the exact timetable for a return to practice was still uncertain. The Broncos are hopeful they see progress in him over the next three weeks so he will be available for the Sept. 5 regular-season opener against the Ravens.

Wolfe, after tests in a Seattle hospital Saturday night, was allowed to return to Denver on the team’s chartered flight. He is expected, at this point, to be available for the season opener against Baltimore.
Welker was treated for a sprained ankle and is expected to be available for the Ravens game as well if all goes well.
Broncos guard Louis Vasquez was also in for treatment on his left knee, but could be available to practice this week if all goes well.

No injuries are good injuries, but if the Broncos are able to make it through the preseason without losing anyone else for the year beyond Dan Koppen, it will have been a good preseason.

Fox: Promoting Gase to OC just made sense

Denver Broncos putting trust in new coordinator Adam Gase

“Adam spent more time with Peyton Manning than anybody,” said Gase’s boss, Broncos head coach John Fox. “That’s what people don’t understand. ‘Coordinator’ is just a title. I think it was a logical move, in that he’s a very bright mind, he had a great relationship with Peyton as his position coach, and rather than start from square one—we could’ve hired anybody; anyone would want this job—it seemed like a natural step to let Adam do it.”

Fox isn't saying anything remotely controversial here, but when he says "anyone would want" to coordinate Denver's offense, there's a healthy dose of confidence, and perhaps even arrogance. And, I love it.

Reason to feel confident about Von Miller’s suspension?

Appeal hearing regarding suspension of Broncos' Von Miller delayed

Miller missed practice Thursday to attend a meeting regarding the appeal process, not to attend the actual hearing itself after the appeal scheduled for Thursday was postponed, a person with knowledge of Miller’s situation told USA TODAY Sports.
It’s possible that there will never be an appeals hearing. The issue could be resolved between the NFL and NFLPA, thus avoiding a hearing, the person told USA TODAY Sports.

That the players' union appears to be taking up his case (rather than leaving it up to a personal attorney) figures to be a positive development for Von's chances.

Anderson escapes serious injury

C.J. Anderson carted off Broncos practice field with knee injury

Tests on C.J. Anderson’s right knee revealed a sprain to the medial collateral ligament, according to an NFL source — and not a torn anterior cruciate ligament as was the fear when the running back went down in pain during practice Thursday.

Anderson is expected to be out four to six weeks.

Four to six weeks would mean Anderson could be back anywhere from Week 2 to Week 4; will one excellent preseason performance (against a second-team defense) be enough for him to stick on the 53-man roster? Or, does this injury mean the team can slip him through to the practice squad?

Miller arrested over failure to appear on traffic charges

Broncos' Von Miller arrested on failure to appear warrant

Broncos linebacker Von Miller was arrested Sunday at the Centennial Gun Club on a failure to appear warrant, KMGH 7 reported Wednesday.
The documents also show Miller failed to appear for a court hearing on a charge from last October when he was cited for careless driving, driving without a license and no proof of insurance.

Aaaaaaand the hits keep coming...BTW, remember this quote?

"The guy I was two, three, four years ago is not the guy I am."

Is that a good thing, Von?