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Miller arrested over failure to appear on traffic charges

Broncos' Von Miller arrested on failure to appear warrant

Broncos linebacker Von Miller was arrested Sunday at the Centennial Gun Club on a failure to appear warrant, KMGH 7 reported Wednesday.
The documents also show Miller failed to appear for a court hearing on a charge from last October when he was cited for careless driving, driving without a license and no proof of insurance.

Aaaaaaand the hits keep coming...BTW, remember this quote?

"The guy I was two, three, four years ago is not the guy I am."

Is that a good thing, Von?

NFL to Forbes: I love the way you lie

Cowboys worth NFL-best $2.3B

Forbes says the average NFL franchise is now worth $1.17 billion, more than the mean valuation of the world’s top 20 soccer teams ($968 million), average MLB team ($744 million), NBA team ($509 million) and NHL team ($282 million).

Forbes is still shoveling this bullshit upon the world at large, and here's uber-douche Darren Rovell, ready to credulously trumpet it while somehow resisting the urge to use his division skills to turn the values into meaningless rates. (Example: The Broncos are worth $165.9 million per day of the week!)

The Broncos are in the middle of the pack, and just below them are the Carolina Panthers, who represent the reason why I'm so certain that these billion-dollar valuations are garbage. Peep my article from March where I broke down their audited financial statements to remind yourself of why. I continue to believe, through analysis, that the Panthers are worth about $400 million as a business, tops. Amazingly, Forbes doesn't match those 2012 audited financials, which Deadspin made available to the world, on either revenue or operating income. Hacks!

Kacsmar: TD has better HOF case than Craig, Bettis, Little

Terrell Davis: Peak vs. Longevity

Finally, if the postseason and “precious rings” are as damn important as some want us to believe, then those people should be building a shrine for Davis as one of the NFL’s greatest postseason players. He was consistently great, with seven straight 100-yard rushing games (a playoff record), including a Super Bowl MVP performance against Green Bay. He rushed for 157 yards and three scores (that includes a game-winner) that night while battling a migraine headache. There’s your signature game requirement. In eight playoff games Davis rushed for 1,140 yards, scored 12 touchdowns, and averaged 5.59 yards per carry (another playoff record) to help Denver repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Can't say I love making a HOF case for Terrell Davis at the expense of Floyd Little (especially without accounting for eras), but Kacsmar does a great job of explaining why TD deserves enshrinement.

Von Miller is confident about suspension appeal

Broncos LB Von Miller's appeal of four-game suspension set for Aug. 15

“I’m confident about it. Everybody is confident about it,” Miller said after the Broncos’ preseason opener Thursday night. “I think my situation is different. I’m just looking forward to getting a resolution and getting it out of the way. It’s tough enough to play football as it is, let alone when you have all this other stuff going on.”
When asked about a possible reduction in the suspension from four games to two, Miller said: “I’m an optimistic person. I’m a man of faith. I should have been strong in my faith when I came in the league, but adversity makes you stronger in your faith. I’m at peace with it.”

Without knowing the details of why Von's been suspended, I'd take a reduction to two games at this point. What about you?

Finnerty died of pneumonia, had CTE

Star College Quarterback Who Went Missing Died of Pneumonia

Cullen Finnerty, the former star college quarterback found dead in the Michigan woods in late May, died from pneumonia, complicated by oxycodone toxicity and the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or C.T.E., according to a summary of the autopsy findings released Thursday by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

Upon Finnerty's mysterious death, it was difficult for the mind not to wander toward CTE as a possible cause. At the least, let's hope this provides a measure of closure for his family.

RIP, Cullen.

Von Miller’s appeal a week away

Sources: Von Miller's hearing set

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller’s appeal of his four-game suspension is now scheduled to be heard Aug. 15, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Even if Von did no wrong, as he claims, we're figuring judge/jury/executioner/appellate judge Roger Goodell won't wipe out the suspension.

Meanwhile, Mike Klis suggests that Von's 2011 positive test for amphetamines may have been related to his asthma and/or allergies.

Orlando Franklin may play tonight

Franklin poised for short stint vs. 49ers

The Broncos considered sitting Franklin in this preseason opener given he left practice Monday with a hip injury and did not participate in Tuesday’s full practice. He did take part in a walk-through Tuesday night. But if Franklin can move without difficulty through warm-ups, he should make a brief appearance.

Typically, you don't want to rush players onto the field for a preseason game, but if the Broncos are to keep Peyton Manning's jersey clean tonight, playing Franklin may be their only choice.

Wes Welker is haunted by Bill Belichick

Wes Welker details how bond with Bill Belichick fell apart

“It was just kind of hard,” Welker said. “One of those deals where you have to endure him, put up with him . . . But he does it to everybody, it’s the way he is.”

Welker, splashed across the cover in a spread-eagle pose, is now free to be himself in Denver, but he is still a bit paranoid about violating Belichick’s media rules.

“When I’m answering questions from the Denver media, I’m not worried about what the Broncos’ people are going to think,” Welker said. “I’m worried about what Belichick will think. Isn’t that crazy?”

Of course, the Broncos visit the Patriots in Week 12; we'll set the over/under at eleventy bajillion for how many times Belichick is asked about these comments between now and then.

Meanwhile, Mike Klis figures that John Fox won't be too thrilled about these comments, which is obviously pretty ironic.

Here are two guys who need to brush up on basic Broncos history

Broncos Mailbag: Peyton Manning at QB can trump tumultuous offseason

Has there ever been a worse offseason in Broncos history? The Elvis Dumervil fiasco, two centers down with potentially season-ending injuries, Chris Kuper and Ryan Clady coming off surgeries, two DUI arrests for senior staff, Von Miller’s possible indiscretions ... the list goes on. Can the team turn this into positive energy coming into the preseason or do we expect a very slow start?
—Hugh Sprowson, London

Hugh - The offseason heading into the 2009 season was worse. That was the offseason when Josh McDaniels was hired to replace Mike Shanahan as head coach.

Sorry guys, but nothing tops John Elway retiring in 1999 and leaving a two-time defending SB champion - and one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history - in the hands of Walter Andrew Brister III (if however briefly).

Peyton Manning *really* doesn’t like to talk about the future

Peyton Manning on finding a rhythm with Wes Welker, and how Denver's wideouts remind him of Colts greats Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne

KING: What will you be doing in 15 years?

MANNING: That’s a good question. A very good question. [Pauses for six seconds ...] You know, a lot of times you’re in the locker room, and you hear guys talking about some investment or some appearance they’re gonna make, and how much money they’re gonna get from it, and I’m looking at them, thinking, That’s the guy who dropped two balls in practice today, or, That’s the guy who missed that block Sunday. The point is, this is what I do now, and I think I owe everything I’ve got to the Broncos to try to win this season. So I’m not going to answer that question. I do hope that what I do after football doesn’t get the quite the attention and news coverage it got the last time I changed teams and came here.

Interesting message for his teammates...