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Fairley eating his way out the starting lineup

Lions' Nick Fairley: My eating habits 'got in the way'

“My eating habits have got in the way these past two weeks,” Fairley told reporters this week, via the team’s official website.

“I haven’t said this a lot, or to many people, more or less, but Nick is more athletically gifted than me,” Ndamukong Suh said. “He has an opportunity to be better than me.”

That opportunity is quickly slipping away. The Lions did not pick up the fifth-year option in Fairley’s contract in a bid to motivate him. It’s not working.

But bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good.

Not a Broncos story, but a reminder, kids, of the dangers of letting the ol' eating habits slip, even just a little.

Former NFLer Tim Shaw has ALS

Tim Shaw's ALS diagnosis raises fears of connection to playing football

According to Forbes, there is compelling evidence that football players might be four times more likely to have ALS than the general male population. The CDC found in a 2012 study that the incidence rate rose from fewer than two cases out of nearly 3,500 men to seven cases among former NFL players.

This is terrible news, which serves to underscore how ridiculous it was for Roger Goodell to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Why Broncos fans suck

Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Denver Broncos

And they basically ran Jake Plummer out of town, which is why poor Jake is a weirdo bearded handball player now.

These are the guys who keep Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla employed.

Sometimes, the truth hurts a little bit...

Stuart: Here comes the regression of the Broncos’ pass offense

Can The Denver Broncos And Seattle Seahawks Possibly Be As Good As They Were Last Year?

Those two tables above depict the power of regression to the mean. The all-time great pass offenses and pass defenses both lost, on average, about half their value in the following season.

Historical precedents don't indicate how any given team will fare, but these are some powerful examples of how difficult it is to maintain greatness.

And as Stuart points out, there are many factors that could contribute to a Denver dropoff - a tougher schedule, age, and personnel changes (don't forget the shuffled offensive line).

John Lynch has to be kidding, right?

Fox analyst John Lynch says Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is in same class as Peyton Manning and Drew Brees

The former safety, who was the analyst for Sunday night’s preseason clash between the Chiefs and Panthers, inexplicably put Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith in the same class as Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.
“The guy is up there with the Peyton Mannings, the Drew Brees — those type of guys,” Lynch said of Smith., John.

PFF: Denver QBs are a lineman’s best friends

ReFo: Broncos @ 49ers, Preseason Week 2

Manning is one of the best at getting rid of the ball quickly, and maybe he is rubbing off on the Broncos’ other quarterbacks. Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert each had a Time To Throw of 2.17 seconds, slightly quicker than Manning’s 2.23 seconds.

The quick passes helped Denver’s offensive line to prevent pressure, finishing with 96.3 Pass Blocking Efficiency — the highest single-game PBE of any team this preseason.

Sione Fua (+4.3) posted the Broncos' best grade on Sunday, while Quant Smith (-3.3) was at the other end of the spectrum.

An IAOFM First: We PC’d a comment at another site

Denver Broncos fans are very lucky

Annoymous fan Aug. 13, 2014 at 1:21 pm
I don’t agree with you and your article or even your first sentence…
Tim Tebow is a way better QB and deserves the right to a FAIR chance to play in the NFL!
BACK THEN the owner of the Denver broncos gave Freaking Elway a chance and the FANS wanted ELWAY GONE! The broncos should have given Tim Tebow a chance and he deserves to start as QB he earned it when he took my hometown team to the playoffs back in 2011. Mr. Elway shouldn’t of HAD ANOTHER NFL TEAM like the JET”S buy TIM out of his Denver bronco Contract back in March of 2012. What Problem was TIM? Are you the MEDIA jealous of TIM? Was Elway Jealous of TIM? TIM IS a REAL descend Man who isn’t MONEY greedy like most of these players.
Mr. Manning should have stepped aside as a Respectful legend as everyone so called calls him, should have worked with Tim so he can be good! Tim’s religion shouldn’t be an issue with you haters, media, and NFL team owners. And you call yourself a sports writer?! He’s a WAY better ROLE MODEL then those who go out and commit careless crimes but their FREAKIN allowed to play in the NFL even the one’s who do DRUGS are still allowed to have a FAIR chance to play in the NFL. But Tim’s NOT ALLOWED because of his RELGION?!

The article is craptastic, but never mind that.  Peep the only substantive comment on it (as of this writing).  All spelling and grammar errors are the commenter's and have been maintained in their original form.  Does anybody miss delusional people like this?  Is this dude PFT Commenter's role model?

Ultimate Training Camp Twitter Timeline

Ultimate Training Camp Twitter Timeline

No two training camps are exactly alike, but every camp-saturated Twitter timeline is exactly the same. If you kept your Tweet deck open during a typical midway practice session in the past two weeks, chances are you experienced something exactly like this:

Is camp over yet?

FCC commish: Down with the blackout rule

FCC commissioner calls for an end to NFL blackout rules

“Right now, the FCC is officially on the side of blackouts. We should be on the side of sports fans,” Pai said in his announcement. He said that he is going to ask the five-person panel that makes up the FCC to hold “an up-or-down vote ending the sports blackout rule.”

Damn straight.

Jokes about Raiders fans write themselves

Raiders fan swings helmet at Cowboys' B.W. Webb during fight

Dallas cornerback B.W. Webb said he felt someone on his back, swinging a helmet at his head. Thinking it was a player, Webb spun around and swung his right arm. Webb told USA TODAY Sports he didn’t know it was a fan. Many of the Raiders fans brought helmets to get autographed by players after the practice.

Hell, the Spurs are so concerned about keeping Raiders fans out of AT&T Center that they're trying to keep the team from moving to San Antonio.