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Oh yeah, there was also this breaking news about Peyton Manning and pressure

Denver Broncos 2014 preview: As always, a Manning team has a shot

But there are whispers in Denver that Seattle exposed some weaknesses in Manning’s game at this stage of his career—namely, his inability to create plays once the original play breaks down. Seattle cut off Denver’s quick slant and short routes in the Super Bowl, which gave the Seahawks that extra split second to get a rusher in Manning’s face—and that didn’t fare well for Manning. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the NFL tries the same strategy this season—take away his initial reads and bring pressure up the middle.

Really? Bringing pressure up the middle has been the ideal strategy against Manning for roughly 16 years now - not six months.

This is what happens when you get some schmuck in KC to write about the Broncos

Denver Broncos 2014 preview: As always, a Manning team has a shot

The only issue is that Ball isn’t nearly the game-breaking back that Moreno was. Ball is a head-first, initiate-contact plugger who gets the most out of tough yards inside. But Ball is anything but elusive and speedy. The days of any back going 80 yards will vanish with Ball in the backfield.

Is this dude serious? Knowshon might have saved his best performances for the Chiefs, but game-breaking back?!?!

Moreno's longest run, among 846 NFL carries, was for a measly 36 yards. Ball, in 120 attempts as a rookie, already has a 45-yarder to his credit. That's not exactly a home run either, but this hack obviously has no idea what he's writing about.

Hopefully, Osweiler is at least a better QB than this guy was

Andrew Walter running for office, to host firearms-related fundraiser

On Friday, Walter is hosting an “Evening of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms” at a Scottsdale gun club, reports the Arizona Republic.

Contributors forking over $1,000 will get 250 rounds of ammunition and a chance to fire from three weapons. Donations of $250 will get you one box of ammo and a chance to fire a Glock 18.

Andrew Walter is the failed former Raider QB who Brock Osweiler interned for during the offseason.  Living here, I can say that there is some truth to the statement in the article that Arizonans love them some guns, but this is just a ridiculous way to do a fundraiser, in a state where Gabby Giffords got shot and 6 other people got killed just three years ago by some gun nut.  Walter's opponent, if he wins his primary, will be Democratic incumbent Kyrsten Sinema.  She's best known for being the first openly bisexual congresscritter, and for having the guts to list no religious affiliation.

Report: Shanny considered broadcasting gig

Mike Shanahan Nearly Joined Dick Stockton in Booth for Fox NFL Coverage

“Dick Stockton in an airport, telling me — and again, I didn’t tell him, like, ‘I do a 10-2 show and I’m gonna mention this tomorrow’ — but I certainly didn’t hide the fact that I’m in the business,” Paulsen said. “And he just kind of offered that. He said, ‘Yea, I was going to do it with Mike Shanahan, but it sounds like that’s not happening anymore.’”

Any time in the National Football League, when you have a chance to get a two-time SB-winning coach into the broadcast booth, you go for it.

Gabriel: Broncos aren’t AFCW shoo-in

Team preview: Denver Broncos

I look for Ball to have an outstanding year in 2014. He is a physical inside runner who knows how to score…The Broncos signed former Steeler Emmanuel Sanders and he will be an upgrade over Decker. While Sanders lacks Decker’s size, he has more speed and toughness. Sanders will be able to play both inside and outside.

Williams was a first-round pick a year ago, filled in nicely when Vickerson got injured and actually may have played a little better. He has big-time potential…A player to keep an eye on is Quanterus Smith. Smith was a 2013 draft choice who missed last year recovering from an ACL tear. He has good outside pass rush talent.

Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff as far as the team's outlook goes. But since Gabriel's a scout, it's his takes on individual players that are really worth paying attention to.

Another way of saying TD should be a HOFer

Examining the variation in rushing throughout NFL history

Among running backs eligible but not yet in the Hall of Fame, it’s not Jerome Bettis who ranks highest on the list. Bettis, who ranks 6th in career rushing yards, finishes two spots behind Terrell Davis using this methodology. Should Davis be a Hall of Famer? That’s outside the scope of this post. This analysis tends to support his case, though, and it even ignores his touchdowns and his postseason play (it also ignores his lack of receiving and the value he gained from playing in Denver).

While this is again preaching to the choir, it never hurts to have more ammo to support TD's case for enshrinement.

Magazu: Garland is Denver’s Energizer Bunny

Ben Garland blazing military-NFL trail

“He doesn’t wear down, which is really incredible,” Magazu said. “Even some of the other guys will ask, ‘Aren’t you even tired.’ Yeah, but you don’t ever see it. He has that mental toughness and that physical toughness he can push through it. It doesn’t look like there’s a dent in his armor.”

According to Ashley Fox, Garland still has one year of practice squad eligibility remaining.

Orange Julius: Football is still new to me

Julius Thomas still learning after breakout with Denver Broncos

“Would it be fair for me to say, ‘Maybe a couple of weeks ago’?” Thomas said in a recent conversation, when asked when he finally started to feel comfortable with football. “Seriously. Last year, I was able to do a lot of good things. I kind of survived on self-confidence and athleticism. In one game, the defense did something, and Peyton was like, ‘Julius, did you see that?’ And I said, ‘Peyton, they got me; I had no clue what they were doing.’ There are still situations I haven’t been in before, and I’m still learning what to do.”

This is an interesting time to be discussing a contract extension; will the Broncos end up paying Thomas based upon 2013 production, or his potential - if not expected - growth?

Schlereth: It is time to change the name

Former Redskins lineman Mark Schlereth: ‘It is time to change the name’

“There’s no question, if you research the history of that name, it’s a pejorative term and it needs to change. I mean, you would never go into a conference of Native American people and walk up in front of them and refer to them as Redskins. It is a derogatory term, that’s its origins, and it is time to be a leader, from the standpoint of the NFL. High school(s) across America have changed their names. The NCAA has implemented policy to change those names. Why has the NFL shuffled its feet on this? I don’t know, but it’s time to change.”

Amen, Stink.

Rahim Moore didn’t know if he’d walk again

There Are Some Things Rahim Moore Doesn’t Want to Remember

“I didn’t know if I would ever walk again,” says Moore, who often turned to his faith during the rehab process. “I didn’t know if I would ever be the Rahim that I know I can be, and also be able to have the footwork and be swift and things like that. The Lord definitely restored me.”

Between Rahim and Derek Wolfe, it appears the Broncos should feel quite fortunate that both players are healthy and ready to play alive this season.