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PFF: Broncos didn’t blitz often in 2014, but when they did…

Sig Stats: Team Blitzing

Near the bottom of the list we find mostly 4-3 teams or teams with two good edge rushers.

That's the whole point of having Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware, isn't it? When the Broncos defense did blitz, they were the fourth most productive unit in the league. However, they were 22nd when not blitzing, and that's what kept them from being a great defense, despite their unmatched overall efficiency.

PFF: C.J. Anderson among the NFL’s most elusive backs in 2014

Sig Stats: Elusive Rating

C.J. Anderson provided the Denver Broncos a similar boost late in the season and looks like Denver’s running back of the present and future.

Funny thing - or not, depending upon one's viewpoint - it seemed Ronnie Hillman had grown out of his tendency to go down when a defender just breathed on him. However, the numbers don't support that observation, as according to PFF, Hillman had the fewest yards after contact per attempt of any back in the league. Yikes.

Brooks: Broncos have to be thinking tackles in the draft

AFC West rookie grades: Oakland Raiders aced 2014 NFL Draft

The Broncos will investigate the top offensive tackles in the 2015 draft class to determine if there is an ultra-athletic edge blocker ideally suited for new coach Gary Kubiak’s zone-based scheme. The emphasis on athleticism should put Pittsburgh’s T.J. Clemmings, Stanford’s Andrus Peat and Texas A&M’s Cedric Ogbuehi under the microscope.

This all depends upon the progress of Michael Schofield. Either way, a replacement for Orlando Franklin is another likely draft focus.

Peter King also thinks Peyton Manning will return this season

The Super Bowl Story, According to Tom Brady

I think Peyton Manning’s playing football in 2015. Of course, by now, every one does. That’s assuming his arm, neck and legs pass muster in a team physical a month from now.

By now, Peyton's return seems something of a fait accompli.

Klis: Broncos want Will Montgomery, Virgil Green to return

Broncos evaluating all kinds of players to restock roster

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Broncos also pursue Mark Sanchez, the most accomplished quarterback in the pool of free agents.

The Broncos also are expected to try to re-sign center Will Montgomery and backup tight end Virgil Green, who will command raises without taking up much veteran budget room. Next up among the Broncos’ free agents are tight end Julius Thomas, defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, safety Rahim Moore and offensive lineman Orlando Franklin. The Broncos would like them to return, but not at the top-of-the-market prices they will command.

We're going to assume that Klis is just trolling us all with that first line.

Dungy: Peyton Manning doesn’t want loss to Colts to be his swan song

Dungy says he thinks Manning will return in '15 if healthy

“My gut feeling is that he’ll be back unless he really has a health-related problem,” Dungy said. “He enjoys the team. He enjoys his teammates. I think he really wants to come back and play well and not let that be the last game of his career.”

We'll agree with Terrell Davis, who thinks the latest season-ending loss shouldn't be Peyton's main reason for coming back.

Patriots (3x), ‘97 Broncos among rare teams to win SB while being outpassed

Super Bowl XLIX, and Thoughts on ANY/A

That means the Seahawks averaged 3.46 more ANY/A than the Patriots. And they lost! Only 6 times in the previous 48 Super Bowls had the team that averaged fewer ANY/A won the game: the ’01, ’03, and ’14 Patriots are on that list, in addition to the ’82 Redskins (John Riggins!), ’97 Broncos (Terrell Davis!), ’05 Steelers, and ’08 Steelers (James Harrison!).

Prior to Sunday, the SB 32-winning Broncos lost the passing efficiency battle by a wider margin than any other champion.

Obama budget would cut federal subsidies for private stadiums

With Obama Budget, Your Federal Tax Dollars Won’t Pay For Sports Stadiums

“It raises the opportunity cost to local governments,” Zimmerman said. “That’s [more money] devoted to a stadium instead of to all of the other public services they could be providing. It might make people think a little more. Every dollar now, a bigger share of that is going to stadiums, and isn’t available for highways, or prisons, or schools, or facilities for seniors, or whatever they’re doing with their budget,” he added.

This is pretty great, unless you'd prefer that some of your tax dollars go toward a new stadium for the Chargers.

OTC: Chiefs may need to mortgage future to remain competitive in 2015

Chiefs 2015 Salary Cap Outlook

Not many teams seem to land in a position like the Chiefs are in right now. They are faced with the decision of the cap dictating difficult cuts or perhaps not the best terms if they keep the player on the roster. Unlike teams of the past with tough choices like the Raiders, Jets, and Colts this is far more complex because the Chiefs are highly competitive and filled with a mix of young and old that seems prepared to challenge now for at least a division crown.

As Fitzgerald explains, it's going to be really hard for KC to retain Justin Houston, fix their offensive line, and improve their perenially terrible wideout corps.

Peter King is all set for Ray Lewis’s HOF candidacy

Peter King Defends Hall Of Fame’s Right To Honor Alleged Serial Rapist

What’s amazing is that this is Peter King. He never takes a stand for anything! He leads the league in maybes! Everything’s always very complicated to him. Here, though, he’s drawn his line in the sand—there is no room for compromise when dealing with an alleged sexual predator’s inalienable right to be considered for an imaginary award by a committee of grizzled veteran football writers.

There shall be no talk of bloody white suits in that voting room in 2018; count on Peter King to ensure it!