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‘I’m sorry I got caught being an asshole’

Drew Soicher seems to cross a line with Denver Broncos’ Alzheimer joke

“I delivered a line which some viewers found offensive.”

WTF is with people? This "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" garbage needs to stop. Granted, people like Tony Dungy, Stephen A. Smith, and Mike Priefer obviously don't get it in the first place.

But when they double down and blame the reader/viewer/listener for supposedly misinterpreting them, it just makes matters that much worse.

The Browns are still run by schmucks

Browns 'alarmed' by some of Johnny Manziel's behavior, concerned it's set him back in QB competition, sources say

Team officials had bought into Manziel’s pre-draft promises to tone down the partying and leave his frat-boy lifestyle back in College Station, Texas, and they’ve been stunned by his non-stop antics, sources said.

Right, because 21-year-old party animals are to be taken very seriously when they say something (and that includes his latest comments)...

The Vikings get some glass

Can Google Glass make the Minnesota Vikings any good?

The Minnesota Vikings will be wearing Google Glass during training camp to record first-person videos — a window into what pro football players experience as they gear up for the season. The Vikings are the second team to wear Glass at camp — the St. Louis Rams wore Glass last year — and the players seem to be enjoying it, mugging at press conferences and on Twitter.


Shanny on Bowlen: He let you do your job

Mike Shanahan wants to coach a Super Bowl contender; reflects on Pat Bowlen

“All of the good times,” he said, “prevails over everything.”

Shanahan lives close to Bowlen. After hearing the news on Wednesday, he stopped by the Bowlen residence and spent time with the owner’s wife, Annabel, and other family members.

Anytime in the National Football League that you have the misfortune of having worked for Al Davis and Dan Snyder, you develop an even greater appreciation for someone like Pat Bowlen.

Von’s back, baby!

Broncos' Von Miller looking like his old self at training camp

As Miller trotted onto the field Thursday, it was like looking at Miller circa 2012. Not only did he appear to be in better physical shape than he was at any point last season — even while wearing a brace on his right knee — he might have been the happiest player on the field for the start of practice. Miller didn’t publicly show as much of his goofy personality last season amid all the adversity surrounding him.

A smiling Von Miller is a sack- and pressure-generating Von Miller.

Tony Dungy forgot from whence he came, apparently

Tony Dungy 'wouldn't have taken' Michael Sam ... 'things will happen'

“I wouldn’t have taken him,’’ Dungy told the Tampa Bay Times. “Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.

“It’s not going to be totally smooth ... things will happen.”

As Michael David Smith correctly notes, Dungy would not have his own pulpit, if not for someone like the late Chuck Noll having been so inclusive and progressive.

Of course, this isn't really that surprising, given that Dungy is an outspoken, bible-thumping bigot.

Orange Julius: I’ve had a long offseason to-do list

Julius Thomas on contract talks: I want to be in Denver long term

“I’ve had a lot of fun trying to improve my run blocking and pass blocking,” Thomas said. “Also just certain parts of my routes. I was able to do some good things in the passing game (last year), but it wasn’t always easy to execute some routes. So I’m just trying to be a little bit more cleaner and overall do more to help my team.”

We'd be content if Julius is the same player he was last year. But considering his age (26) and newness to football, there's no reason to think he can't improve.

First-round status hasn’t stopped Roby’s hard work

Broncos CB Roby using offseason training for physical, personal growth

“I’m just learning more about the game,” he told me when I asked him about that perception. “When I get that overall knowledge of the game up—anything and everything. Who’s my [safety] help, how I fit in the system, what I’m supposed to do on this play, this and that. That’s where my game can be great. But I realize that when I wasn’t thinking that way. When I wasn’t thinking about Oh—I have help here, so I should be outside, or ‘I have outside help, so I should be inside… When you get away from things like that, you give up big plays because you make mistakes in areas you shouldn’t if you really pay attention to all the small things.”

Confidence with a good measure of self-awareness. Seems like a good mix for an NFL cornerback.

Oh yeah, there was also this breaking news about Peyton Manning and pressure

Denver Broncos 2014 preview: As always, a Manning team has a shot

But there are whispers in Denver that Seattle exposed some weaknesses in Manning’s game at this stage of his career—namely, his inability to create plays once the original play breaks down. Seattle cut off Denver’s quick slant and short routes in the Super Bowl, which gave the Seahawks that extra split second to get a rusher in Manning’s face—and that didn’t fare well for Manning. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the NFL tries the same strategy this season—take away his initial reads and bring pressure up the middle.

Really? Bringing pressure up the middle has been the ideal strategy against Manning for roughly 16 years now - not six months.

This is what happens when you get some schmuck in KC to write about the Broncos

Denver Broncos 2014 preview: As always, a Manning team has a shot

The only issue is that Ball isn’t nearly the game-breaking back that Moreno was. Ball is a head-first, initiate-contact plugger who gets the most out of tough yards inside. But Ball is anything but elusive and speedy. The days of any back going 80 yards will vanish with Ball in the backfield.

Is this dude serious? Knowshon might have saved his best performances for the Chiefs, but game-breaking back?!?!

Moreno's longest run, among 846 NFL carries, was for a measly 36 yards. Ball, in 120 attempts as a rookie, already has a 45-yarder to his credit. That's not exactly a home run either, but this hack obviously has no idea what he's writing about.