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Yeah, guess 2009 wasn’t the year to stockpile picks

Five Years Later, the 2009 NFL Draft May Be the Worst Ever

Twenty years later, we can reasonably call 1994 the birth of modern NFL drafting. That’s when the NFL went to a seven-round format, down from eight the previous season. Over that time period, and with five years of perspective, it’s safe to say that the 2009 draft is the worst of that era. It’s not really close.

Okay, so Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers were useful, but they certainly didn't live up to their draft position. We won't even talk about those three second-rounders...

Report: Manning/Luck II will lead off SNF

Broncos schedule starting to take shape

According to Tom Donohue of, the Broncos will open the season on Sept. 7 with a prime time matchup at home against the Indianapolis Colt.  It has also been reported by multiple sources that the Broncos will have four additional prime time games, including two on Monday Night Football.

Presumably, this means Denver will play at least once more on Sunday Night Football, plus once on a Thursday night.

Orton’s absence leads Cowboys to sign Hanie

Report: QB Caleb Hanie signs one-year deal with Cowboys

One possible reason for this signing is that Dallas still doesn’t know if last year’s backup, Kyle Orton, will return to the team or instead will retire.

It's often said that backup quarterbacks have the best gigs going. Orton is set to draw a $3.25M salary, which would be the second biggest of his career (Denver, $7.4M in 2011).

Who knows - perhaps the idea of another year spent working for Jerrah Jones is just too much for old Kyle to swallow.

Well, duh…

Broncos have every intention of picking up Von Miller option

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Broncos have every intention to exercise the option.  Since they have until May 3 to do it, there’s no reason to do it prematurely.

Quick, someone alert Denver's HOF voter!

Peyton Manning works so hard, it may be illegal

Manning, Gase “visit” to Saban may have violated offseason rules

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that the league is looking into the situation.

Obviously, the spirit of the CBA rule isn't aimed at preventing stuff like this. And really, can anyone see the NFL penalizing the Broncos because PMFM works too hard?

Fox: Elway knew nothing about running an NFL team in 2011

How John Elway made a successful front-office transition

When Fox received the call that the newly hired Elway wanted to interview him to be Broncos head coach in 2011, he didn’t know what to think. He was advised by some to steer clear. “Did they hire him for his name, or was this some P.R. move?” Fox said. “That’s what some people thought.”

For all of John Elway's laudable traits, none may be more impressive than the humility he's always radiated, especially given the golden boy treatment directed at him his entire life.

Report: Broncos met with Miami QB Stephen Morris

Some prospects who might interest Denver

They still project Osweiler as the first starter in the post-Manning era, but Elway simply will not let the cupboard go bare. Among the quarterbacks the Broncos have met with are Miami’s Stephen Morris and Wyoming’s Brett Smith.

The only other new name mentioned by Legwold is Minnesota DT Ra'Shede Hageman, but he doesn't say whether Denver has met with the player.

Esiason: A woman should risk her life so her husband doesn’t miss a day of work

Boomer Esiason Said Daniel Murphy's Wife Should've Had C-Section Before Season To Avoid Paternity Leave

Esiason said that he would have made his wife have a C-Section before the season started to make sure he was available.

As the World Health Organization notes, elective c-sections waste billions of dollars and risk the lives of mothers and babies unnecessarily.

Perhaps if Boomer had better judgment, he wouldn't have racked up that atrocious 80-93 career record of his...

Lawsuit: Raiderettes work conditions are illegal

Just Cheer, Baby

Shortly after Lacy filed suit, the U.S. Department of Labor opened its own investigation into the Raiders’ treatment of cheerleaders. It closed the inquiry in March, determining that as a seasonal operation, cheerleading is exempt from federal minimum wage laws. But many state labor laws, including California’s, are stricter than federal ones, and the pot had been stirred. Within a month, a Bengals cheerleader filed a similar class-action suit on behalf of the members of her squad, who she says are paid $90 a game, or $2.85 an hour.

Across the NFL, cheerleaders are required to work long, hard hours, and are paid very poorly.  This lawsuit threatens to change the nature of professional cheerleading, and rightfully so.  While I don't think that cheerleaders are in any way essential to football, if a team is going to have them, they should be paid a reasonable wage, and they shouldn't be subjected to illegal work conditions.

Could spending spree put Broncos into ‘cap hell’?

Agent's Take: Did Broncos mortgage future with spending spree?

Conservatively, the Broncos should head into next off-season with at least $30 million of cap room unless core players are given contract extensions or the projected growth in the cap isn’t accurate.


Of course, you already knew this.