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Bedard: It was the Patriots who were banged up last January

Big Ben’s System, Lack of Kelce, Browns Run In Place

If the Broncos continue to be relatively healthy and don’t win it all this season, there is going to be a lot of negative attention on defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. He was owned (again) by Tom Brady and the Patriots on Sunday. (The only time he’s beaten them was in last year’s AFC title game when half the Patriots’ roster was out with injuries). Broncos fans have to hope they were just holding back the real gameplan for the rematch, because allowing Rob Gronkowski a free release off the line is not much of a plan at all.

The reality is that both teams were decimated by injuries (Von Miller, Chris Harris, Derek Wolfe, Rahim Moore, Kevin Vickerson). But when you're too busy sucking at the Belichick teat to maintain journalistic objectivity...

Fat Man: NFL has passed Jon Gruden by

Surrounded by family, John Madden has new look on NFL

And he can’t envision former Raiders coach Jon Gruden, ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst, returning to Oakland…

“The game that Jon Gruden coached isn’t the game they’re playing now.”

Funny, we thought that happened eight years ago.

Freeman: Wes Welker’s inner circle wants him to retire

Mike Freeman's 10-Point Stance: Big Ben's Big Change of Course

A Patriots player after the game texted me: “What do you hear on Wes?” I can tell you that former Patriots teammates were concerned for Welker and asking about him. They have since gotten in touch with him, I believe.

I can say this with certainty: After however many concussions he’s had (three, five, 10?) and the hits he’s taken, there are a lot of people close to Welker who want him to walk away from the game for the sake of his long-term health.

We won't speculate about Welker's current or future health here; we just hope that whatever decision he makes is the best one for his long-term wellbeing.

T.J. Ward on Gronk’s 2013 injury: Sorry not sorry

Broncos’ T.J. Ward is Patriots’ public enemy No. 1

I feel bad he got hurt, you know, but that’s about it…Gronk’s a big dude. He gets hit, and he keeps going. Guys bounce off him, and he’s throwing guys left and right…I was taught that if you can take a guy’s wheels away from him, he’s no longer mobile, and that’s what you’ve got to do with big guys. I’m not going to go in there and bang heads with somebody that’s 60 pounds more than me. I’m going to hurt myself…I shook his hand after it happened, but I don’t see no reason to reach out to him…It’s a dog-eat-dog world between those hashes.

Since they're no longer whining about Wes Welker's hit on Aqib Talib, the Massholes need another gripe on which to focus, right?

DeMarcus Ware: Von Miller can be as good as he wants to be

Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware boost the Denver Broncos' defense

Ware has always been impressed with Miller’s physical ability and his potential. But it took working out and playing alongside him to fully realize how talented he is. “Coming here, working out in the offseason,” Ware says, “I’m like, Dang, he’s faster than I thought. He works harder than I thought he worked. He’s gotten everything back together.”

FWIW, Von is again PFF's highest graded linebacker (+26.4) so far, although Oakland rookie Khalil Mack (+23.0) and KC's Justin Houston (+22.5) aren't far behind.

Is Adam Gase too young to become a head coach?

A look at 2015's NFL coaching candidates

And Gase comes with other concerns, most notably his age. In the modern NFL, few head coaches hired so far before their 40th birthday have succeeded at a high level—many failing in colossal fashion. Highlighting just the past decade of these mistakes are Lane Kiffin, Raheem Morris, Eric Mangini, and Josh McDaniels (coincidentally a roommate of Gase’s when both worked at Michigan State).

Maybe the allure of getting to coach Manning will keep Gase around for another year or two. Then again, safe to say the Broncos will fine as long as Peyton's around, Gase or not.

Burke: Broncos are looking beastly

The Broncos look like a juggernaut this season

To try to explain how solid this team looks, imagine merging one of the great Steelers or Ravens defenses from last decade with … a Peyton Manning offense. By all measures, the Broncos appear to be a Category Five super team.

Admittedly, I wasn't that excited about this team until these last two blowout wins, and even those came at home against injury-ravaged squads. The Pats are pretty banged up too, but with a win on Sunday, these Broncos have a very real shot of running the table at 15-1.

Broncos will have iron grip on #1 seed with win at New England

NFL Week 9 Playoff Implications: A Crucial Week For The Saints And Panthers

Going into Week 9, the Broncos are the clear favorite, with a 79 percent chance of winning the No. 1 seed. If New England is able to pull off a victory at home, the race opens up considerably. The Broncos’ chances drop to 59 percent, with the benefit largely accruing to the Patriots: The Patriots’ top-seed probability would increase from 9 percent to 21 percent.

According to this, a Denver win would increase their chance at the #1 seed to 91.3%.

Meanwhile, the Broncos are still #1 in the Elo ratings, but are the slightest of underdogs this week.

Set your DVRs, Broncos fans

SNEAK PEEK – “Terrell Davis: A Football Life”

“Terrell Davis: A Football Life” premieres Friday, October 24 at 9pm/ET on NFL Network.

I've written this a million times, and will do so another billion times. TD was the best player on a team that won two Super Bowls. He was better than half the running backs already in the HOF, and better than most of his contemporaries on this list.

In a sport as physically brutal as football, it is an absolute joke to weigh longevity more heavily than pure greatness. Terrell Davis was a pure great.

Brandon Marshall calls out Jay Cutler after loss

Chicago Bears Locker Room Reportedly Turned to an Ugly Scene after Home Loss to Dolphins [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Jason La Canfora echoes a tweet from Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs that Marshall was yelling at Bears’ kicker Robbie Gould.

UPDATE II: ESPN Chicago’s Michael C. Wright had a source tell him that Marshall called out Bears quarterback Jay Cutler after the loss.

Dare I say it?

Thank you, Josh McDaniels?