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Chris Brown explains how to defend the Zone Read

Defending the zone-read: athleticism and the “scrape-exchange”

Defenses began reacting by using a technique called a “scrape exchange” to mess up the read. With this defensive adjustment, the defensive end always crashes for the running back, while the linebacker “scrapes” over to take the quarterback…But let’s step back from scheme: what else can a defense do? One answer, is just to get more athletic.

Texans QB Matt Schaub reportedly done for the year

Source: Matt Schaub out for year

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub will miss the rest of the season with a Lisfranc injury, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Poor Kubes. After five middling seasons leading the Texans, old friend Gary Kubiak had finally moved himself off the proverbial hot seat and his team into serious contention thanks to some help from another old friend, Wade Phillips. Now, with his QB likely done for the year, Kubes is apparently stuck hanging Houston's hopes on the left arm of the underwhelming Matt Leinart. 

Pleading the case for the NFL to not fine Eric Decker

On Veterans Day weekend, Decker penalized for saluting troops

What it does care about is protecting its image, no matter the cost. The league is fine with honoring, remembering and supporting causes, so long as it’s done the NFL’s way. Wear league-approved pink shoes and towels to support breast cancer awareness month, don’t pull out a ribbon from your sock to honor your aunt with the disease after scoring a touchdown

Wishes for more Tebow animation granted

Tebow gets Taiwanese animation treatment, again

When the folks at Next Media Animation decided to do a second video on Tebow in the past month, though, it puts him into “full-blown internet superstar” territory. Or something.

Chris Brown assesses the Tebow experiment after four weeks

Is Tim Tebow’s Afraid-To-Throw Broncos Offense Crazy Enough To Work?

I’m not on the Denver bandwagon just yet, because most NFL teams are better than the Chiefs. There’s no way to win with this scheme without at least minimal efficacy from the pass game, and Tebow—who is completing 46 percent of his passes—doesn’t seem like a great bet to meet even that threshold…If nothing else, the rest of the Broncos’ season will be a fascinating controlled experiment in whether these types of schemes can work in the NFL.

Elway discusses the Broncos’ Week 10 win w/Vic & Gary

Broncos’ Elway: Game vs. Kansas City dictated heavy rushing attack

“Tim’s going to have to throw the ball the rest of the year, there’s no question,” Elway said. “We want Tim to be able to throw from the pocket, (but) we’re not trying to make him a pocket passer.”

Mark Sanchez does body language like Jay Cutler, without the talent

The Dejected Faces Of Mark Sanchez

The one thing that did bring great joy was the body language of Mark Sanchez, whose moods ranged from misery to dejection to bike-pedaling, sisyphean existential despair.

Barnwell expects plenty more running plays come Thursday

This Game of Inches

For all his struggles as a passer, Tebow is a wildly effective and efficient runner, and we know from past research that running quarterbacks increase the yards per carry garnered by their running backs. Good coaches put their personnel in situations that highlight their abilities and hide their weaknesses, and that’s exactly what the Broncos are doing with Tim Tebow and their offense. And since they’re playing Darrelle Revis and the Jets this Thursday, it makes sense for them to stick with the super-heavy rushing attack.

The FO crew discuss Denver’s 17-10 victory over KC

Audibles at the Line: Week 10

Mike Tanier: This week’s gameplan was more option-specific, with a lot of counters and some triple-option stuff. And of course, the effectiveness amounted to 17 points against a so-so defense. So I will be writing the “can this be kept up” article for NBC, and must figure out how to pad “no” out to 900 words or so.

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Corey Webster making NY a two-cornerback town

NY Giants' Corey Webster may not be NY Jets' Darrelle Revis, but he is becoming Big Blue's own shutdown corner

The laptop computer in Corey Webster’s locker is filled with video of Brandon Marshall, the dangerous receiver he’ll be shadowing all afternoon. It has more than that, too. It’s a treasure trove of clips of the NFL’s best receivers and cornerbacks.

It also has clips of nearly every play Webster has ever made.