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McGahee to play, barring setback

Broncos' McGahee to play vs. Jets despite hamstring injury

Denver’s cautious approach to Willis McGahee’s injured left hamstring has paid off, as a league source said Thursday that the Broncos’ running back will play against the New York Jets, barring a setback in warm ups prior to kickoff.

Plus, pregame thoughts from Andrew Mason.

Thoughts on Broncos/Jets from Vegas

Jets-Broncos Thursday night betting primer

The Jets will probably get bet late, so we’ll most likely need the Broncos by game time. I can see the game getting bet under, too…In regards to traveling across the country on short rest, I don’t know if playing on a Sunday night means anything for the Jets, because they’re in a situation right now where wins are very crucial. You have to come back and be fully motivated to play.

Mike Tanier tells us what he really thinks of Tebow-as-QB

Tanier: Forget the platitudes, Tebow's going to fail

Can the Broncos win with almost no passing game? Is the option a viable NFL offense? Were we wrong to bury Tebow after his embarrassing effort against the Lions? Has Tebow’s running ability changed the way pro football will be played? The answers are no, no, absolutely not, and get serious…What their offense is doing, with the exception of the Raiders game, is scoring 17-18 points against awful opponents and getting blown out by good ones…Tim Tebow is truly a one-of-a-kind quarterback. He’s Benjamin Button. He is going in the wrong direction, not blazing a new path.

NFLN’s Mayock shockingly has only nice things to say to team site

Q&A with NFL Network's Mike Mayock

What I’m fascinated by is not the ability of Von Miller, because you could see that coming out of college, but I really like the creative ways they use him to get him in one-on-one situations…NFL defensive coordinators absolutely hate the option game. They don’t usually have to deal with it. They can’t stand it…Right now, I think Denver is the wild card (in the AFC West)...I think they’re playing with house money right now, and that’s always a dangerous position.

Can Denver’s receivers key a Broncos victory tonight?

Three to Focus On: Jets @ Broncos, Week 11

When a team runs the ball 55 times and attempts just eight passes and still wins, it’s fair to wonder if teams are taking them very seriously despite their success…If the Broncos come away with a win here, it’s a safe bet that opposing defenses will absolutely be taking them seriously in the future… The Broncos have generated little pressure outside of Miller, but his play has ascended to another level the past two games and Miller’s teammates began feeding off his efforts last week. For the Broncos to upset the Jets, they could use another productive game in the pass rush department…The Jets’ secondary certainly has the skill and experience to handle Denver’s receivers, but no matter how good a defense is, it’s hard not to sell out against the run when you’re certain it’s coming every down.

More zone-read analysis from Broncos/Chiefs

Analysis Notebook: Week 10

Whatever you think about Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback / media circus, you can’t deny it’s great to watch the Broncos break out a college offense for him to run against the Chiefs…This is a far cry from the complex reads NFL quarterbacks are expected to master and it is rarely used much at this level because it converts the quarterback into just another ball carrier, one open to all the full-force hits like any other runner. In short, you’re paying your quarterback far too much money to expose him to that kind of beating on a regular basis, but Tim Tebow is something of a different player, isn’t he?

Broncos 22nd in success rate running; 6th-best at stopping run

Analyzing NFL running games through 10 weeks

As teams — and by extension, their opponents — become more prolific at passing, the opportunity cost of not passing increases…The Falcons and Broncos have been surprisingly difficult to run on in 2011. In Denver, rookie of the year candidate Von Miller has been an absolute monster not just at getting to the quarterback but at frustrating opposing running games.

Kevin Braig, the new favorite writer of Broncos fans everywhere

Is Tebow a legitimate (triple) option?

Can Tebow succeed in the NFL running the option?...He is a big, tough runner who does not turn the ball over, can use the option’s leverage to exploit overly aggressive pass-rushing defenses, and can withstand the physical pounding that accompanies the life of any person brave enough to regularly run the ball in the NFL…Tebow’s productive career might not last much longer than Mark Stevens’ career.But the QuantCoach has seen enough in the last two weeks to predict that, using the leverage derived from his unconventional option, Tebow will deliver the 2011 AFC West title to Denver.

Lynch a believer in Tebow

Jets must take away Tebow's options

I think if you had a chance to spend some time with Tebow, you would see what I’ve seen. I’m telling you, there’s something special about this player. He has an aura, a special presence, if you will. I was in Denver a few weeks ago and did an interview with Tebow for the NFL on FOX pregame show. I talked to a few of his teammates, and it was really interesting what Champ Bailey told me. Bailey’s a guy who has been in the league for 13 years, and he told me that Tebow has this enthusiasm that makes you want to play harder, makes you want to win. He said Tebow’s positive attitude was contagious.

Lynch has made similar statements before, but it's worth repeating: Champ Bailey says he plays harder for Tebow.

I'm generally a skeptic of statements like this because they imply somehow that Bailey didn't play as hard for, say, Jake Plummer.

Then I think about Jay Cutler.  Was his positive attitude contagious?  

Oops, I did it again.  I managed to take a swipe at Jay Cutler.  But I also warmed to the idea that Tebow brings something to the table.

Two birds.  One stone.  And that's how you blog, my friends.  

Tebow overcomes critics again

Broncos' Tim Tebow not judging fans with Jesus jerseys

“I don’t know what to think about that because I don’t know where people’s hearts are,” Tebow said today. “It’s important to not judge without knowing their hearts. If their heart is to honor the Lord, then it’s a good thing. Only God can judge because only God knows what’s truly in a person’s heart.”

They said I couldn't win a Heisman.

They said I couldn't be a 1st-round draft pick.

They said I wasn't Jesus Christ.

'ppreciate that. 

Dios mio, man, as my Spanish-speaking friends might say.