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Freeman: What if McDaniels were still around?

Ten-Point Stance: I was wrong about Tebow (and I'm far from alone)

A first-round pick at quarterback is supposed to be a franchise player. We still don’t know if Tebow is that, but if McDaniels had stayed as coach, he likely would have designed a similar offense (and maybe a better one) for Tebow some time ago. In other words, the offense we see Tebow running might have been run at the beginning of this season or even last season.

McDaniels likely would have allowed Tebow to throw the ball more, coached him better, and believed in him more—because he drafted Tebow.

Obviously it's pointless, but still interesting to wonder what if - what if Tebow was still being coached up by Josh and Ben McDaniels, two people who presumably had unwavering belief in the guy? Instead, it's been quite clear that John Elway and John Fox have hemmed and hawed on Tim all year long (not that that wasn't understandable).

Why Tim Tebow is exactly like Microsoft and Rebecca Black

Hitler reacts to Tim Tebow beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC playoffs

Hitler finds out that Tim Tebow beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC playoffs in OT and he’s not too happy about it.

Wilson: Tebow defies logic, physics

Tracking Tebow: wild, wild, wild-card weekend

But in typical Tebow fashion, defying logic and physics along the way, he proved that above all else, he’s a winner. The Steelers were successful in what they sought out to do: shut down the league’s best rushing game. It’s just that they didn’t account for Tebow’s sudden mastery of the deep ball, nor did they expect cornerback Ike Taylor to have the the worst game of his career.

We joked about it on the most recent episode of the Pick-6 Podcast, but nobody—Tebow, his family members, Urban Meyer, his high school coach, Thomas—figured he’d be stroking it like he was Jeff George playing a pick-up game against a bunch of middle schoolers.

Plummer: Tebow can continue to improve

Jake Plummer on Tim Tebow’s Passing Performance against Steelers: “If you can’t complete those, you shouldn’t be playing quarterback in the NFL.”

They took out…from what I could tell they were getting a lot more 1-on-1′s outside, which is what happens when you run the ball a lot like they do. Asking him to throw to some spots, and he was hitting routes that aren’t as hard to complete. Like curl routes or back shoulder stop route. If you can’t complete those, you really shouldn’t be playing quarterback in the NFL. But he made the throws he needed to make.

So with more reps, more practice, another offseason to continue to learn, I don’t see why he couldn’t continue to become a better passer. But what I see him do that kind of throws me off, is he doesn’t anticipate down-field throws. They were saying on one…I can’t remember when it was, but it was later in the game…he didn’t make the down-field throw on a deep in route. And then the very next drive, Roethlisberger did it with ease. If he’s going to make it in this league for a long time, he’s going to have to start making those throws. It’s not forcing them, it’s just taking them when they appear. And that’s part of becoming a top-level QB, so I don’t know. He might struggle with that as far as throwing goes. But he can win, and that’s all that matters in the league.

Plummer is referring to Phil Simms' fluffery of Tebow as pointed out by Josh Levin.

Steal this jersey

Burglars snatch Tebow jersey during Denver-area break-in

The owner of The Fast Frame sports memorabilia shop says his Denver store was burglarized early Sunday after someone threw a bottle through a window. Two men grabbed two signed jerseys and took off. The other jersey was from John Elway. According to KMGH-TV, the two jerseys were being sold for $2,300 each.

I realize I'm perpetuating the silliness by posting this, but what a time we're in when this is the sort of story that hits, and that John Elway's jersey in Denver is a mere footnote...

Rams to interview Allen

Broncos' Dennis Allen drawing interest from St. Louis Rams in coaching search

The Broncos’ unexpected success in 2011 has helped their coordinators become hot head coaching candidates. According to a league source, the St. Louis Rams formally asked the Broncos’ permission today to interview Dennis Allen, Denver’s first-year defensive coordinator.

With the Broncos preparing for their second-round AFC playoff game Saturday at New England, the team has said Allen and McCoy can be interviewed for the head coaching positions, but not until Thursday afternoon.

Uh oh. How long does John Fox want to be a head coach?

Barnwell: Tebow was tangibly great yesterday

Tim Tebow Silences All

Well, on Sunday Tebow delivered one of the finest performances a quarterback has delivered in recent memory. Not in some intangible quality — leadership, heart, grit, you name it, whatever — but an actual quantifiably great game.

One game doesn’t make a career. For all we know, we might have just seen the best passing performance of Tim Tebow’s life, a fleeting glimpse into what could happen if Tebow got to play backup free safeties with excellent pass protection every week. With that being said, if any other rookie quarterback from the past three years put up numbers similar to what Tebow did against anything resembling the Steelers pass defense in the playoffs, we would be falling all over ourselves to describe it as the first big sign that a new franchise quarterback had arrived on the scene.

Pats got their spy back in the fold just in time

Patriots happy Josh McDaniels is back

“He obviously has some inside information on that team and those players because he coached them,” Brady said during his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. “I haven’t seen Josh yet, so I really don’t know. l think coach (Bill) Belichick has a pretty good idea of what he’s going to want Josh to do. I talked to Josh briefly, but I really haven’t had a chance to sit down with him. He’s a great coach and we’re lucky to have him. I’m excited to get back to work with him. How that plays into this week, we’ll see. We’ll try to figure that out in the next five or six days.”

Lombardi: Tebow is Willy Loman, or Tiger Woods

Tebow crafting Hollywood script with each passing week

Tim Tebow is like the encyclopedia salesman that gets turned down door after door, but it never sways a belief that he’ll one day make the big sale. Nothing can shake Tebow’s confidence or his competitiveness. He always looks forward to the next play, the next game, the next challenge. No outside factors affect him. Tebow has the mental makeup of a great golfer that never allows a bogey from the previous hole to linger. And every time people think the end is near, Tebow rises up and adds another incredible chapter to his young career. After performing horrendously in Week 17 at home against the Chiefs, Tebow turned around to play his best game of the season against the Steelers’ top-ranked defense.

Benoit: McCoy out-coached LeBeau; Broncos out-executed Steelers

How Tebow and His Helpers Beat Man Coverage

Tebow disproved (at least temporarily) his legions of naysayers by connecting on throws against man coverage. That’s what all the experts – including, apparently, the Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau – decided he couldn’t do. Don’t blame the experts. They were simply going by what they’d seen on film the past two weeks. Credit Tebow for finally “pulling the trigger” and playing with pocket poise against the Steelers’ intentionally soft pass rush. More than that, credit his offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, and top receiver, Demaryius Thomas.

McCoy designed some very shrewd routes against the Steelers’ coverages. Instead of going with the tight bunches and myriad crossing patterns that most coaches use to beat man coverage, he went with a barrage of outside fly routes…The idea was to use Troy Polamalu’s aggressive decision-making against him. It worked masterfully…It’s easy to criticize Taylor for the poor game, but really, this was more about Denver’s phenomenal execution.