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Elway and Tebow hug it out

Elway determined to succeed with Tebow

Elway — who was sometimes caught in media controversies during his 17-year Hall of Fame career — became concerned enough that he spoke privately with Tebow to clear the air.

“I said, ‘I know you don’t read those things, but I know you’re just like me in that your family and friends think it’s their obligation to tell you something that was said about you. I just wanted to make sure that as long as you and I are always on the same page I’ll do the best I can,’ ” Elway said. “I told him I probably answered with too sharp an answer which could be spun a different way. I told him I’m sorry it came out that way, but it’s not the case.”

Tebow told he didn’t take Elway’s comment the wrong way but appreciated his gesture.

“Just for us to talk and have an open communication and good relationship definitely means a lot,” Tebow said.

The two will become even closer in the offseason. Elway said he plans to “spend a lot of time” with Tebow and Broncos quarterbacks coach Adam Gase. Elway already offers suggestions to Gase but doesn’t want to meddle too much with the coaching staff’s efforts in developing Tebow.

If Elway plans to spend a lot of time with Tebow in the offseason, I'm guessing this puts the whole quarterback thing to rest?

Tebowites of the world, unite!

More God, more Tebow

Tim Tebow: God's Quarterback

...feelings about Mr. Tebow have been a litmus test of political and social identity. If you think he’s destined to be a winner, you must be a naive evangelical. If you question his long-term chances as an NFL quarterback, you must hate people who love Jesus.

Just in case you've not had your fill of philosophical meanderings about religion and sports.  All together now: "lightning rod." 

This little gem of a quote pretty much sums up how each side sees one another.

(h/t RSH)

Goody got it going

Goodman peaking along with the Broncos

New head coach John Fox and his staff had done some housecleaning. Holdovers like Renaldo Hill, Nate Jones and Perrish Cox - all members of last year’s secondary - were cut. Goodman survived in part because of his deep resume as a cover corner and because Broncos staff went back to the 2009 tape, when he played his second straight 16-game season, to get a better read on his abilities.

“Obviously just watching him in camp, without having an offseason, I think all of our guys were a little rusty coming in initially,’’ Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said. “But I think probably about halfway through camp you realized he still had the ability to cover and he was getting his legs back under him.’‘

Those legs spent much of the offseason on the track, as Goodman ran countless sprints and did endurance work to try to strengthen the muscles that had failed him the previous season.

An increase in man-to-man coverage helped him rediscover his comfort zone.

Show me a corner that doesn't want more man-to-man coverage, and I'll show you a safety.

Sprint-interval training.  It does a body good.

Charles Barkley tired of Tebowmania

Barkley to Bears on Tebow: 'Stop the madness'

“I want to make a personal plea to Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, Mr. [Julius] Peppers, please stop the madness,” Barkley said Friday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I’m just so tired ... I like Tim Tebow. He seems like a good kid, and I wish him success, but I am Tebowed out. So this is my personal plea for you three guys, please stop this madness.”

Barkley also said he believes Tebow’s only getting run in the media because people like to argue about whether or not Tebow is a good quarterback. (Or something like that.)

“It’s clearly a media-drive story,” Barkley said. “They just want you to argue about Tim Tebow. Dude, let the kid play. If he can play, good. If he can’t play it will show. But to have this argument every single day after five or six games is just ridiculous.”

Everyone says they are Tebowed out, yet the numbers tell a different story.

ESPN knows it.  The Denver Post knows it.  And yes, we know it.  We see the numbers, too.

Why do you think I just ran a story about what Charles Barkley thinks about Tim Tebow?  I try to tell myself I'm above this every day.  I desperately want to write about things like the prevent defense and the zone biltz.


Blue and yellow is the new silver and black

Ndukwe released following practice fight

The Chargers have released offensive lineman Ikechuku Ndukwe following a fight in practice on Thursday. According to sources, Ndukwe became upset with defensive end Vaughn Martin and dropped Martin with a punch and then kicked him. Ndukwe was upset with how Martin had been bull rushing him and had told him to stop.

You stay classy, San Diego.

Tim Tebow, contemporary tortoise to today’s NFL QB (the hare)

Tebow evokes "Tortoise and the Hare"

Page 2 proudly puts its own spin on the classic children’s fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

Parents across the country will surely be printing this one out for the little Tebowites...

Lindsey Vonn says she’s not skiing on the virgin snow that is Tim Tebow

Vonn Finds Winning Form Despite Tumult Off Slopes

While everything is going so well on the hill, away from it she’s dealing with a divorce from her husband of four years and persistent rumors over whom she’s dating…Recent gossip had her linked with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, whose brother, Robby, showed up to watch Vonn race in Beaver Creek. “I am single. I’m not with anyone,” she said. “I’ve heard a lot of rumors and a lot of reports…Just because I ‘Tebow,’ doesn’t mean I’m dating him. I said that if I won in Colorado, I would ‘Tebow’ because I admire what he’s doing.”

Tim Tebow as home wrecker? That would definitely create some problems with the persona, don't you think? 

Concussions not necessary for players to develop CTE

Study Of Dead Football Player’s Brain Is Even More Depressing Than Usual

Damage may be caused as much or more by the low-level, or subconcussive, blows to the heads as by the big hits replayed on the highlight shows that leave a player wobbly.

“It’s the total brain trauma. Tens of thousands of subconcussive blows all add up,” [Dr. Robert] Cantu told The Associated Press. “You can’t draw a line between number of concussions and risk for CTE. You have to factor in the subconcussive trauma. It’s equally — if not more — important.”

Frightening, to say the least. As more research comes out, it becomes more and more feasible that linemen are someday banned from utilizing three-point stances and/or the size of the neutral zone increased, for the sake of avoiding what are today inevitable helmet-to-helmet strikes on virtually every play from scrimmage.

Barnwell: Tebow unlikely to keep winning close games, keep pick rate low, or improve accuracy

Can Tim Tebow Keep It Up?

In all, despite winning all those games with Tebow as the starter this year, the Broncos have actually been outscored by a total of two points in those games…So, in other words, the fact that Tebow’s started his career winning seven of his first ten starts shouldn’t tell us very much about what he’s likely to do going forward, but the fact that he’s done so while being outscored isn’t exactly a great sign…That jibes with our research that a team’s record in those close games from year-to-year is basically random and will revolve around the mean (a .500 record).

The numbers suggest that Tebow is exhibiting a sign of future professional viability, but even if he makes it as a professional quarterback, he’s been lucky to avoid those picks so far. He will have to pay the interception piper eventually…The bad news for Tebow is that a player’s completion percentage—unlike his interception rate—tends to stay pretty consistent as he gets more NFL experience.

Tim Tebow probably can’t win 70 percent of the time or pick up victories in 85 percent of his close games, but maybe he can sustain an incredibly low interception rate or win with an embarrassing completion percentage in a way that other players can’t. At the very least, it’s certainly going to be a lot of fun to see him try to pull it off.

The most encouraging part of Barnwell's piece is that Tebow has good company as far as low early INT rates go - other QBs who have started out with so few picks have eventually had much higher INT rates, but they also have gone on to have lengthy and successful careers. As for the point differential, we were just talking about that this morning and yesterday, and last week we covered the fact that low completion rates tend to be accompanied by high interception rates (comment 24). But of course, there's always the chance Tebow becomes the Black Swan of NFL quarterbacks.

More proof that Tim Tebow is the new Brett Favre

Roethlisberger's foot injury raises playoff concerns in tight AFC North

Tim Tebow trying for 7-1. Amazing, isn’t it? Tebowing has become a national kneel, and when you blow a late lead in sports, you’ve gotten Tebowed. The Bears are next. With a bad quarterback situation.

Guy's the most well-known football writer in the country. Amazing, isn't it?