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Wade Phillips takes medical leave from Texans

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is taking medical leave

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is taking a medical leave of absence for two games and will have a scheduled procedure done Thursday morning, Texans coach Gary Kubiak confirmed on a conference call with Charlotte reporters today.

Get well soon, old friend.

What we’ve all been waiting for…no, really

It’s Almost Tebow Time

Look for a release of a final Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 at the end of the year…this time with TEBOW!

Best game ever. (via Deadspin)

Red and gold is the new silver and black

Jets fan in hospital after savage beating in stadium parking lot

A disturbing incident of fan violence was reported over the weekend in New York, where a Jets fan says he was badly beaten by a bunch of drunk Kansas City Chiefs fans who yelled 9/11 taunts before the attack.

Nate Jackson: Broncos trainers pushed dangerous pain-killing shots

No Pain, No Gain? Not So Fast

When I played for the Denver Broncos, from 2003 to 2008, Toradol was a popular pregame injection…We were told it would make us feel better. So we lined up for the needle…There was no hesitation, no trepidation, no point at which I felt that taking Toradol was a risk. I trusted our team doctors. They wouldn’t suggest a drug if it was dangerous.

The player rarely if ever has a say in the treatment process…If the player seeks a second opinion, which he is technically allowed to do, it is taken as an affront to the medical staff, and he will be treated in the training room like a turncoat…The player is not told how to access his medical records or whether he even has a right to them. The folder of my medical records was as thick as a dictionary and I never had access to it. Even after I filed a workers’ compensation lawsuit against the Broncos a year ago that later included a request for that folder, I still don’t have it. The team hasn’t released it to me.

With each anecdote Jackson shares, one has to be more interested in reading his forthcoming book. Of course, how can we help but wonder how reading it will affect our love for this game? (h/t SteveS)

Broncos won’t commit to Von Miller long term

Broncos want to focus only on 2011 with Tebow

“A lot is made of the quarterback position. It’s really hard to sit here and answer. We don’t talk about the middle linebacker or the left corner position,’’ Fox said. “I think, right now, just enjoy the moment. It’s a team game, and we’re doing well as a team. I don’t like speaking too much of the future. I’m happy for each day.’’ When a reporter jokingly retorted with a question about whether star rookie Von Miller had done enough to be the strongside linebacker in 2012, Fox cracked: “Exactly. He’s the strongside linebacker now. We’re in the now.’‘

Of course, this quote from Fox is ridiculous.  The Broncos are committed to Von Miller for 2012, 2013, and beyond; everyone knows it. Saying so, however, would force them to give a concrete answer on the Tebow questions. Or perhaps Fox is being serious and he's of the same opinion as Rod Smith always was: no one is safe, every position is a competition, and the team is always looking to upgrade at every position.

Which then begs the question, if the Broncos believe they can upgrade at quarterback in 2012, why would that be any different than, let's say, cornerback or long snapper?

My good friend Doug Lee takes a lot of grief for supposedly being biased against Tim Tebow, while my other buddy,Ted Bartlett, is lauded weekly for being in support of Tebow.  All I see, though, are two guys who simply disagree on the fundamental issue of the ugrade at the position of quarterback.  One thinks they can upgrade in 2012; the other does not.  If they were having this disagreement about Andre' Goodman, no one would care much, if at all.

John "Sam Elliott" Fox is correct--a lot is made of the quarterback position.

A collection of Tebow-inspired YouTube songs


Now, while we wait for news that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to spend the rest of eternity protesting the Denver Broncos – or maybe they’ll just say, F*ck it and start worshipping Tim Tebow, too – I dug up the Interweb’s latest offerings of YouTube tributes to the man who is 7-1 as the Denver Broncos’ quarterback. Consider it our donation to the Cult of Tebow. Enjoy your Kool-Aid, friends.

Will there be a Rebecca Black Tebow song? Please???

Tim Tebow. Sigh!


Rocking a basic white tee to perfection, it’s no surprise Jockey chose the clean-cut quarterback to be the spokesperson for their Staycool collection this spring. Sigh! Now we know what he wears under his Denver Broncos uniform!

“I am not better than anyone else just because I play football,” says the humble quarterback, despite his effortless ability to turn heads for his sporting prowess and his rugged good looks while training in Denver in August.

Pitino: Jesus comes out of the sky, and he’s hitting everything

Louisville’s Rick Pitino Urges “All You Atheists Out There” To Watch Tim Tebow

“All you atheists out there, watch Tim Tebow and you’ll believe. … You watch him out there, and he can’t complete a pass. Then, Jesus comes out of the sky, and he’s hitting everything.”

I can't wait for Mike Tyson to throw his .02 in.

The Tim Tebow memorabilia world, growing daily

Someone On Craigslist Denver Is Selling Envelopes Postmarked The Day Tebow Was Born

These four items are from the actual date that Tim Tebow was born, which was August 14, 1987. Two of them also synchronize in, by some wonderful serendipity, with key aspects of the life he has lived in the decades since.

Only ninety dollars? Damn, they're practically giving this stuff away!

And growing... (via DP)

Young: Urlacher got Tebowed, needs to own it

Steve Young to Brian Urlacher: ‘You got Tebowed, just take it like a man!’

“I thought it was so cheap of Brian Urlacher to [talk about] how he lost to a running back,” Young said. To me … he did it to you. He Tebowed you. Just take it like a man and walk away. You lost your shot.” Young then talked about the Broncos-Patriots matchup this upcoming Sunday that will be televised in an estimated 5,000 percent of American homes. “Next up, Patriots — and I can tell you, the NFL royalty now coming into this fray — Bill Belichick and Tom Brady — I’m sure they’re saying to themselves, ‘No way are we going to be part of this story. No way.’”

What's better than a sport that can reduce monstrous tough guys like Brian Urlacher to snivelling sore losers?