Open Thread: New Orleans @ Chicago

PFF and ESPN preview the matchup; enjoy the game!

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Danny Trevathan to undergo surgery for patellar dislocation

Danny Trevathan's 2014 season looks to be over after 100 defensive snaps and three separate injuries to his left knee. The third-year linebacker will undergo surgery to repair a patellar dislocation.

Trevathan first missed time with a broken bone below his left knee suffered during training camp. He returned to play most of Denver's Week 5 win over Arizona, but left the next week after just two snaps against the Jets. The second time, he broke a bone above that same knee. Sunday marked his return to play from that second injury, and he saw 42 snaps before leaving in the second half.

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Danny Trevathan says he suffered hyperextended knee on Sunday

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As expected, the league's bungled handling of the Adrian Peterson case is back in the news.

The NFLPA filed suit against the NFL on Monday morning, challenging the decision to uphold Peterson's six-game suspension.

According to the suit, league exec Troy Vincent promised Peterson reinstatement after an initial two-game suspension, with credit for his time spent on the commissioner's exempt list.

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Broncos’ 2015 opponents set

Sunday's results established Denver's 2015 opponents. They are as follows:

Home: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Minnesota, New England

Away: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis

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Broncos can clinch first-round bye next week at Cincy

The Broncos have two scenarios for clinching a first-round bye next week:

  1. Denver wins at Cincy
  2. Denver ties Cincy, plus Indy ties or loses at Dallas

Gut Reaction: Week 15 - Broncos 22, Chargers 10

Sometimes even Batman has to throw up at halftime.

Perhaps, as Bruce Wayne, he ate a tainted Double Bacon 6Cheese™. Perhaps he couldn’t fit the Batmobile into the parking lot at Walgreens during flu shot week. Perhaps the thought of running the ball so much made him sick.

At the end of the day, it didn’t matter. The AFC West is the villain that always gets it in the end. The Jokers, the Riddlers, and the Penguins (or Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders, if you prefer) all go down.

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Final Score: Broncos 22, Chargers 10 (Updated)

The Broncos (11-3) clinched their fourth consecutive AFCW title with a plodding 22-10 victory (Game Book) at San Diego (8-6) on Sunday.

Peyton Manning overcame flu-like symptoms and a thigh injury to complete 14 of 20 passes for the second straight week, among them a touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas (six catches, 123 yards).

Connor Barth was flawless on five field goal attempts for the second time in his three games with Denver, and C.J. Anderson fought his way for 96 yards on 31 touches. Aqib Talib and Rahim Moore helped seal the win with fourth quarter interceptions of Philip Rivers.

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Open Thread: Broncos @ Chargers

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Open Thread: Sunday Week 15

Remember, we're all broncosdolphinstexansbrownsfalcons fans today; Enjoy the games!

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Jason La Canfora or Woody Paige: Who ya got?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver has a chance to clinch its fourth straight AFCW title with a win at San Diego today. And if they get help from Houston, Cleveland, and possibly Atlanta, they would also clinch a first-round bye.

Add in a Miami win at New England, and the Broncos would be back in control of the AFC's top seed and homefield advantage.

Obviously, that's a lot to ask for, and as long as Denver keeps taking care of their own business, they'll eventually lock up a first-round bye.

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