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Ted Bartlett evaluates draft-eligible prospects in his spare time, among a number of activities he pursues, including golf, MBA classes, and dating women who are much younger than him.  When his kindergarten teacher told him that he was advanced, what she was saying was that, with minimal effort, he'd be able to do better than "really passionate" people who try their hardest.  He also focuses on the NFL's business and legal environment, offensive and defensive schemes, going off on unrelated tangents, and all 32 teams in the NFL. Follow along as he offers his instant analysis of tonight's NFL Draft.

# Team Player Position
1 Carolina Cameron Newton QB
No surprise here.  It has to make you apprehensive that he has <300 throws in college.
2 Denver Von Miller OLB
Texas A&M
I love Fairley, but Miller is right there with him as an elite player, and I really like the concept of going DT in round 2.
3 Buffalo Marcell Dareus DT
Fairley is better, all things equal, but I see why Buffalo would prefer Dareus given the hybrid fronts that they seem to be planning.
4 Cincinnati AJ Green WR
I'm never a big fan of taking a WR this high, but Green is going to be an excellent player.  They must not have liked Gabbert.
5 Arizona Patrick Peterson CB
Another team that could have been Gabbert's landing spot.  DRC and PP make a pretty imposing press-man pair.
6 Atlanta (CLE) Julio Jones WR
I consider Jones to be an underachiever.  I like the way he blocks and runs, but he needs to catch the ball better.  Weird trade for Atlanta, given the price they paid.
7 San Francisco Aldon Smith DE/OLB
This feels a little high for Smith, but I get what they're thinking.  He projects to be a good player, but he has some growing to do to get there.
8 Tennessee Jake Locker QB
This shows conviction.  I like him better than Gabbert too, but the conventional wisdom doesn't.  DTs keep falling down, which is great for the Broncos
9 Dallas Tyron Smith OT
I like an offensive lineman here, but I like Castonzo better as a LT, and Carimi better as a RT.  Should have traded down.
10 Jaguars (WAS) Blaine Gabbert QB
I don't love the guy, but good on the Jags for getting their guy if they do.  This smells like an Andy Dalton play for Shanahan.
11 Houston J.J. Watt DE
This makes a lot of sense for a Wade Phillips defense.  He's a one-gap player, like that scheme demands.
12 Minnesota Christian Ponder QB
Florida State
WOW — This is a big shocker.  Ponder's junior film was better than his senior film.  This is loving your guy, I guess.
13 Detroit Nick Fairley DT
This is outstanding value.  Fairley and Suh together could help the Lions win their division soon, if Stafford ever stays healthy.
14 St. Louis Robert Quinn DE
North Carolina
This is a projection pick to me, but I like the idea of Quinn and Chris Long on opposite ends.
15 Miami Mike Pouncey G/C
Mike is more of a Guard than a Center, but he's going to be a really good interior blocker quickly.  I like the pick very much.
16 Washington (JAX) Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB
This is a very interesting pick.  I don't know if I think he's athletic enough to be a 3-4 Sam.  Good player, but weird fit.
17 New England Nate Solder OT
I think he's an interesting player, but that Castonzo would have made a better choice, and he's from the Pats' back yard.
18 San Diego Corey Liuget DT
Good player, but kind of young and inexperienced.  I don't know if I think he's a DE.
19 NY Giants Prince Amukamara CB
He's a good player, and I like his ability to play man in a pressure-heavy scheme like the Giants play.
20 Tampa Bay Adrian Clayborn DE
I'm a little surprised that Clayborn was the guy ahead of Cameron Jordan and Da'Quan Bowers, but he's a very good player for the Bucs.
21 Cleveland (KC) Phil Taylor DT
Taylor is not just a 3-4 guy, despite what the ESPN guys are saying.  I like him for the Browns, moving to an even front.
22 Indianapolis Anthony Castonzo OT
Boston College
This makes a world of sense.  Castonzo is the best LT in this Draft class, and the Colts got value similar to Fairley and Amukamara here.
23 Philadelphia Danny Watkins G
Philly always picks linemen highly.  He's an old rookie, but he's likely to be an instant above-average starter.
24 New Orleans Cameron Jordan DE
I think this is a great example of Best Player Available.  Jordan can be a big-time starter as a LDE.
25 Seattle James Carpenter OG
Wow... I agree with Kiper.  There are several better offensive linemen available here.  He may be a good player, but it seems like a reach.
26 Kansas City Jonathan Baldwin WR
Weird Pick. I get that they want to get another guy opposite Bowe, but I don't see how Baldwin helps stretch the field vertically.
27 Baltimore Jimmy Smith CB
This guy has all the ability to be outstanding in playing the Baltimore scheme.  Ray Lewis gets unruly young guys to walk the line.
28 New Orleans (NE) Mark Ingram RB
I love this pick for the Saints, but I am a little shocked the Patriots couldn't find a spot for Ingram.
29 Chicago Gabe Carimi RT
Carimi can be one of the best RTs in the NFL.  This filled a need, and I'm glad the Bears ignored their other need at DT.
30 NY Jets Muhammad Wilkerson DE
He's more about measurables than production, but I can see why they picked him.  He'll be a good 2-gap player.
31 Pittsburgh Cameron Heyward DE
Ohio State
Heyward projects to be a solid rotational DE in a 3-4.  This is a classic low-risk Steelers pick.
32 Green Bay Derek Sherrod OT
Mississippi State
Doc Bear called this.  Sherrod is going to be a very good OT for 10 years.  The Packers were awful at that position 2 years ago, and now they've set themselves up to be strong there.


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