Would Osweiler be top-ten pick? Lard

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! CU tight end Nick Kasa caused quite a stir when he said an NFL team had asked him about his sexuality during a combine interview.

To nobody's surprise, Kasa wasn't the only one subjected to such inappropriate questioning. Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell says he was peppered with the same bizarre queries, prompting the NFLPA to suggest teams be punished for these alleged illegal employment tactics.

According to NFLN's Albert Breer, two team executives admitted that given the opportunity to ask Manti Te'o one question, it would be about whether he's straight or gay. Because, you know...THIS MATTERS.

Meanwhile, the league's most outspoken supporters for gay rights, Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo and Vikings P Chris Kluwe, filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court (as did the Justice Department) in an effort to strike down California's same-sex marriage ban, Proposition 8.

Ayanbadejo says he thinks an there will be an openly gay NFL player within the next year or two, although given the environment in Indianapolis, he acknowledges it's currently in a gay prospect's best interest to declare himself as straight.

The backup linebacker and special teams ace says the Ravens have been supportive as an organization, but that the issue is still debated in the Baltimore locker room.

Now, before we continue to the rest of the day's news, we need to know a little bit more about our readership, so let's turn it over to Patrick Hruby.


John Elway tells Chris Hall that medical info is the most valuable facet of attending the combine (video); Arnie Stapleton further discusses Elway's comments on KKFN from yesterday.

Two defensive backs often linked to the Broncos in mock drafts and fan chatter - Washington corner Desmond Trufant and Florida safety Matt Elam - are the younger brothers of NFL players. Someone needs to give Trufant the news alert that there are currently three Gronkowski brothers in the NFL.

Make of this what you will, but some folks who Jeff Legwold spoke to at the combine think Brock Osweiler would have been a first-rounder this year, perhaps even a top-ten pick.


Five Cowboys players reworked their contracts, including Jason Witten, Miles Austin, and Brandon Carr; Dallas re-signed long snapper L.P. Ladouceur to a five-year deal.

The NFL is set to reinstate Packers DE Johnny Jolly, who has been suspended since 2009 due to drug charges related to a codeine addiction.

Pittsburgh claimed QB John Parker Wilson off waivers from Jacksonville; Carolina is expected to cut CB Chris Gamble.

Seattle doesn't plan to cut QB Matt Flynn just yet, but they'd of course be willing to trade him and his $5.25M salary. Of course, one potential landing spot for Flynn is with the LOLJets, who worked out David Garrard recently.

As noted by Mike Florio and Judy Battista, the tender values for non-exclusive franchise tags are calculated by a much more complicated formula than in the past; we've updated our Clady tag FAQ to reflect this.


Mike Tanier digs into the shady world of supplements, where athletes and consumers are separated from their money by companies that constantly make false claims and whose products often provide no benefits.

Chase Stuart revisits what happens to a GM, coach, and offensive coordinator when drafting a quarterback in the first round goes wrong.

Given the histories of Andy Reid in Philly and John Dorsey in Green Bay, Adam Teicher figures the Chiefs will draft a QB around the third or fourth round now that they've landed their starter in Alex Smith.

Jeffri Chadiha thinks Tom Brady's restructured deal indicates the Patriots are over the hill, and how many times have we heard that about them? Ridiculous.

Matt Waldman says Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib's lack of arm strength means he'll likely be a backup or at best a journeyman starter in the NFL.

Over at KSK: considering the possibility of a camera inside a football; obviously, they're loving the prospect of Brady Quinn to the LOLJets; their latest Sex/FF mailbag.

So, when are they going to add Rubik's Cube juggling to the combine events?

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