Woody Paige lied about Kyle Orton, and here’s the proof

Readers of It's All Over, Fat Man! know I was highly critical of Kyle Orton's play last season: his struggles on 3rd down were consistent themes in my game reactions.  You can find all sixteen of them here if you care to read them.   

Woody Paige, on the other hand, won't keep his criticism of Orton where it belongs--on the field of play.  When Paige started his smear campaign to drive Orton out of Denver, I first ignored it.  I told myself Paige was just trying to sell controversy.  After all, controversy means clicks; clicks means ads; ads mean revenue.  You see, part of me has a soft spot for Paige--I've been satirizing his mail bag for almost two years.  

But enough is enough.  Woody Paige is a liar.

It's easy to find the proof.

Part of the sewer-strewn narrative that Paige has been spewing is the idea that Kyle Orton is a bad guy and hates Tim Tebow.  In fact, on January 19th of this year, he wrote in his column:

After Tebow became the starter, Orton sulked on the sidelines and never tried to assist or encourage him.

This statement is the biggest load of crap since the Broncos drafted Ted Gregory.

Paige generally has some insight due to his access to the internal workings of the Broncos. This time, however, there is actual video footage that contradicts him.

In Week 15, the Broncos were playing the Oakland Raiders.  On three occasions in the first half, the TV crew cut to the sideline:

  • 12:15 of the 1st quarter:  A shot of Orton not ignoring Tim Tebow, but huddling around Mike McCoy with Tebow and Brady Quinn
  • 9:40 of the 1st quarter:  A shot of Orton smiling and talking with Teobw on the bench.  Tebow had just run for a touchdown and set a Broncos record for longest TD run by a quarterback.  Orton is sitting right next to Tebow.
  • 3:58 of the 2nd quarter: A shot of Orton seeking Tebow out to give him advice.  Quinn joins moments later.

I could go on, but I had seen enough.   Three examples in one half was enough to prove to me that Woody Paige was making things up.  Additionally, the thought of purposely rewatching the Raiders beating the Broncos made me ill.

Go look at the footage.  It's not going away.

Does Paige realize game tape exists?  Does he realize that anyone with $30 can access NFL games from the entire season and simply watch Orton on the sideline?  Since Paige went ahead and printed his fabrication about Orton, one can only assume he just sits in front of his chalkboard at the Denver Post for extended periods of time.

I have no idea why Paige would lie about Orton.  Perhaps he is overzealous.  Perhaps he hates Orton that much.  Perhaps Paige is jealous Orton doesn't have to play grab ass to get chicks. We are left to speculate.

One thing is for certain--Paige needs to stick to the facts about Orton's play on the field and stop the subterfuge and vilification.  It's asinine; it's unprofessional; it's 100% false.

I'd add that Paige should even apologize to Orton, but it won't happen.  Remember how Paige allegedly treats secretaries.

I imagine he doesn't think much more of Orton at this point.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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