Wolfe healthy again, says he’d overtaxed his body last year

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Unequivocally, there is one sports figure drawing all attention today.

Of course, that would be Donald Sterling, the racist scumbag who owns the NBA's Clippers.

On Friday, TMZ released an audio recording purported to be Sterling making a deplorable rant to his girlfriend.

This morning, Deadspin has posted a longer, clearer version of the same recording.

Sterling's alleged comments have sparked widespread intense reaction - from President Obama, LeBron James, Baron Davis, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, several actors and musicians, and even Denver's own Terrance Knighton.

Knighton's sentiment that Clippers players should boycott their upcoming playoff games was shared by many, and even discussed by the players during a meeting on Saturday.

The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, said very little during a Saturday night presser, but he promised the league's investigation would conclude in a timely fashion.

According to Silver, Sterling has agreed not to attend Game 5 of the Clippers' series with Golden State, which takes place on Tuesday.

But for as jarring as Sterling's comments are, they are really nothing new, given his own disgusting history.

Quite frankly, the only people that figure to be surprised by them are the same people who had supported - and are now backpedaling from - the welfare queen/domestic terrorist/racist, Cliven Bundy.


In an excellent profile from Mike Klis, Derek Wolfe discusses his health scares of last season, declaring himself ready to go. As Wolfe sees it, he had overworked, underfed, and deprived his body of rest, leading to his frightening seizure. The third-year lineman says yoga has bolstered his recovery in recent months, and he cites Von Miller and Von's parents as having provided him key support throughout.

Peyton Manning is back in Indy this weekend, raising money for the children's hospital that bears his name.

If you're itching to waste a few minutes (you'll never get them back), you could read Woody Paige's prediction of a perfect season for the Broncos, capped by a SB 49 victory over the Niners.

If, for some reason, you still can't find something better to do (watch paint dry, perhaps), there's Paul Klee's suggestion that Peyton run for president.


The league may still push through playoff expansion as early as this season, with a price tag of about $100M to broadcast each additional game.

Dallas re-signed DE Anthony Spencer.

Seattle hired ex-Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland as a pre-draft consultant.

Rich Cimini says the Jets made a run at wideout Julian Edelman, who re-signed with New England.

Giants owner John Mara thinks narrowing the goal posts is a reasonable pushback to rising FG accuracy rates.


Jeffri Chadiha says Niners owner Jed York is running out of patience with Aldon Smith and may even be willing to cut the young pass rusher.

Tom Pelissero discusses quarterback prospects, with a particular focus on A&M's Johnny Manziel.

Gary Myers could see the NFL making cities bid for the right to host the draft each year. Heck, let's make it a seven-day draft, with each round taking place in a different city (puke).

Chase Stuart examines teams' receiving corps turnover throughout NFL history.

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