With three games left against Broncos and Colts, Eric Berry’s equinophobia could be a problem

During Berry's rookie season of 2010, his Chiefs went 1-2 against the Broncos and Colts. One of the losses was the infamous Handshake Haley game, while the KC victory marked the end of Josh McDaniels's head coaching career to date.

Of course, those Chiefs went 10-6 and took the AFCW thanks to a cake schedule. But we can't help but wonder if Berry's fear of horses contributed to the lackluster performances against Denver and Indy. FWIW, three of Berry's worst PFF grades that season came in those very games.

This season has gone a bit differently than 2010, to the tune of a 1-8 start featuring zero Kansas CIty leads until last night's game at Pittsburgh. Things around about to get better for Berry and the Chiefs, though - three of the team's final seven games are against the Colts and Broncos, including a Week 17 trip to Denver.

Here's suggesting the Broncos keep both Miles and Thunder on the sideline for that game, and of course, the toothsome John Elway, too.

via KSK

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