With suspensions, NFL reminds us of its haphazard priorities

With their stunningly lenient suspension of domestic abuser Ray Rice, the NFL and Roger Goodell have caught plenty of heat.

And in their typical tone-deaf fashion, the No Females League doubled down on Wednesday.

The league announced a pair of drug-related suspensions on Wednesday - two games for Cincy corner Chris Lewis-Harris, and one game for Buffalo linebacker Nigel Bradham.

Lewis-Harris's suspension was described as a garden variety violation of the substance abuse policy.

Of course, Rice was also banned two games - over an Atlantic City incident during which he knocked his then-fiancee out, and then dragged her unconscious body out of an elevator.

That's right, mathletes.

A failed drug test - or a missed test - is seen by the NFL as being equal in magnitude to knocking unconscious one's significant other.

Mind you, this is not for performance enhancing drugs, or anything believed to provide an edge (cheating).

Meanwhile, Bradham had been ticketed last fall for a quantity of marijuana too small to garner an arrest.

The charges were dismissed, and the third-year player says he's not even in the league's substance abuse program.

And yet, Bradham has been suspended, for only one game fewer than Rice.

So far, the Commish hasn't offered an explanation of the Rice suspension, instead trotting out league waterboy Peter King and VP Adolpho Birch.

But Goodell won't be able to remain silent about the NFL's f#$%ed up priorities for long - he's scheduled to meet with the press this weekend during HOF festivities.

And going forward, every suspension Goodell hands down will be compared to the pittance of a ban he levied on Rice.

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