Winning would cost Chiefs Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Dolphins continue to whine about the decision by the Florida House not to give them a taxpayer handout to spruce up their ancient stadium, which was last updated way, way back in 2006.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee says the team will not scale back its renovation plans to compensate for the lack of sports welfare payments, and is instead going to scrap them altogether and sulk.

Dee even had the nerve to call a publicly subsidized renovation a "public-private partnership," as if the public would in any way stand to share in the team's resulting profits, and he suggests that whomever welfare queen Stephen Ross sells the team to someday, could move the team out of town.

The decision not to renovate is said to threaten Miami's chances of housing future Super Bowls, including SB 52, which Denver is vying to host.


Miami has finally acquired a new left tackle, as they signed former Falcon (and undrafted free agent Bronco) Tyson Clabo.

It sounds like the Vikings will cut punter and civil rights champion Chris Kluwe today after drafting his replacement, with Kluwe's activism perhaps playing a role in the decisions.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark is hoping to work as a television analyst whenever his playing days are over, and recently retired Ravens center Matt Birk hopes to do the same.

If anyone is wondering why Mike Ditka isn't coaching in the NFL anymore, perhaps his view of the Ultimate Teammate™ should help explain it.


In PK's MMQB, he notes that the Niners hold five or six picks within the first three rounds of the 2014 Draft (including a third-rounder from KC that becomes a second-rounder if the Chiefs win eight or more games) and are likely to host SB 50 in Santa Clara.

PK figures PMFM will have two Ravens rookie defensive starters (Matt Elam, Arthur Brown) to feast on come Week 1. King has also added the excellent Andrew Brandt and Richard Deitsch to his forthcoming football site, and as much as we needle King, it's safe to say it will be a must-read site for all football fans.

Chase Stuart's study of his own Game Scripts shows that the Broncos were far more pass-happy in 2012 than their pass/run split would otherwise suggest, once accounting for their status as frontrunners.

Mike Tanier explains why using broad strokes in a scouting report - specifically those from Nolan Nawrocki in his takedown of Geno Smith - is a particularly harmful practice, and he says Nawrocki's most egregious error was comparing Geno to Akili Smith, a prospect with whom he had no more commonalities than their position, surname, and skin color.

Tony Pauline evaluates the drafts of the Dolphins and Bills; Alex Marvez discusses how all of the AFCE teams fared.

Here's PFF's top 101 players list in its entirety.

Andy Benoit follows our own Ted Bartlett and Greg Cosell in discussing the shrinking value of left tackles in today's NFL, and he questions the wisdom of taking one atop the draft (ESPN Insider).

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