Will Pryor beat Flynn?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Tonight brings the all-important third preseason game, against the Rams at SAF@MH.

The game should mark the return to action of Ryan Clady and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who are expected to make their preseason debuts.

We'll see a lot of Nate Irving at the Sam, and Danny Trevathan starting at the Will, while Malik Jackson and Jeremy Beal figure to see lots of playing time in Derek Wolfe's absence.

Of course, the first priority is getting through the night without any serious injuries; there were enough of those last week.

Broncos News

WR Andre Caldwell was fined $7,875 for his special-teams facemask penalty from last week.

Despite the constant mislabeling of the Broncos as a win-now-at-all-costs team, John Elway says the front office always has an eye toward the future (as his actions attest).

Denver's starting defense tonight will be largely made up of late picks and undrafted players.

Tonight will be Denverites' first experience with the No Females League's bag policy.

Fans got to meet all of Denver's players and coaches during a Friday luncheon at SAF@MH.

Broncos Analysis

The frightening injury to Derek Wolfe has Paul Klee wondering if football is really worth the health risks involved.

Benjamin Hochman thinks the Broncos will score more points this season than last.

Lance Britton sees parallels between the situations of Wesley Woodyard in 2012 and fellow undersized Kentucky linebacker Danny Trevathan in 2013.


San Diego added CB Richard MarshallPhilly traded RB Felix Jones to Pittsburgh for LB Adrian Robinson.

Since he's not an owner, Packers president Mark Murphy remains the only team boss willing to admit that the concept of an 18-game regular season is ridiculous.

Matt Flynn's continued struggles, plus some playmaking from Terrelle Pryor last night are combining to muddy up Oakland's QB situation.


Ben Muth on the Bengals; PFF on the Niners.

Bill Barnwell discusses some rather common coaching blunders, including John Fox's mishandling of the clock during the Week 2 loss at Atlanta last year.

How crazy is it that Tony Gonzalez has just one fumble since the 2000 season? (Shannon Sharpe was still better.)

In light of the NFL having put the kibosh on ESPN's participation in a concussion documentary, KSK has agreed to some editorial changes.

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