Will Broncos reconsider a trip to Revis Island?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Given the drama of the Dumervil debacle, it's at times easy to forget how busy Denver's 2013 offseason was otherwise.

One of the most interesting rumors involved the Broncos potentially trading for and then signing then-Jets corner Darrelle Revis.

Early on, we thought it was a ridiculous notion, but come March, the story grew some real legs.

Eventually, Revis was dealt to Tampa Bay, where he got a very strange contract - $16M/year in cash and cap, with no guarantees.

It's far more than the Broncos could ever have paid him.

That bizarre contract means the Bucs are able to cut or trade him any year without cap ramifications.

On the third day of each league year (March 13 this year), Revis is due a $1.5M roster bonus, so that's the only aspect of the contract meant to force any kind of decision.

According to Jason La Canfora, teams are indeed sniffing around again, and it's believed there's a good chance the star corner is dealt in the coming weeks.

A look at available cap space suggests there are a handful of teams that could absorb Revis's deal as is.

Denver is not one of them, and would not join that list even if they free up another $10M-12M, as we expect them to.

Then again, if they were to accept Revis's existing contract in a trade and cut Champ Bailey, they wouldn't be that much worse in cap terms.

Most likely though, Revis is going to have to rework his deal if he's traded.

Of course, this means he'll have significant control over where he ends up, and if the Bucs don't want to pay him $16M this year, or are unable to work a trade to Revis's liking, they could very well end up cutting him loose.

To us, that's the most likely scenario that leads Revis to the Broncos, who happen to have a far greater need at his position this offseason.


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